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  1. Decided it's time to hang up being DIY and go back to being a normal player. First thing I did was sold my 500 raw sharks I had and bought a couple glories and 100 summer pies. Hopefully these will be enough to get my agile legs. I might even keep doing Agility till 85 and get a agile top for Fremennik elite and just coz I want it. I've got enough charge in my boots till about 82, then I might do some Agility on bxp as well.
  2. Gone from 76 to 80 Agility in the last few days. Short term goal complete. Not sure what to do next. I still have 43% on boots so I might make some summer pies then check out advanced gnome for some agile clothes. Also gonna re do first post.
  3. I've started playing more often again! Since last time I claimed my hati paws and boots. I'm using the boots on Agility and I'm gonna use the paws on Magic. I then went and got my monkey speak amulet back and made a ninja and a gorilla greegree. Then I set off round the Ape Atoll agility course with my hati boots. So far I've got to level 79 and I still have 62% power. I'll reach 80 tomorrow but now I'm gonna go make some summer pies so I'll be able to do the advanced gnome course, and I might try that firemakers quest.
  4. Sorry for no updates, was away for the weekend. I've got a week off school though so should get some good progress. For those of you who are bothered about my personal life: I've just got back from army careers office where I've just done my BARB test and basic maths and english tests, from my results and predicted school grades I can join any regiment i want.
  5. I think you are wise for following my advice. Got my Drakan's medallion and Darkmeyer disguise back, and I also got my title up to Vyrelord. Next I'm gonna make a blisterwood polearm and kill 500 Vyrewatch. But first, my PS3 is calling me (COD ftw :))
  6. The easiest thing would just be to put tutorial mode on and it'll take you through the tasks in the order they was made to be completed in. However in the tutorial mode there's parts in between missions where it suggests to level a couple skills, but you can just skip those.
  7. I was born and lived in Hull for ages but I don't actually live there anymore, I'd love to move back though. If you think my stats are sexy you must have a uncontrolable obsession with maxed stats :blink: Thanks!
  8. I do believe it shall be, if I was you I'd become a permenant poster. My first sentence may have done the trick, someone talking to me about rugby rather then football! I missed the warrington game coz I was watching 6 nations, but to be fair both Hull and Warrington had there multiple moments during the game and a draw pretty much sums it up. (or thats what Ive gathered from match analysis') Just a note: My Runescape time lately has been really low but I hope to change that. Plus half term next week means a lot of free time to play.
  9. Hello and thank you for clicking on my blog. My name is James, I'm 16 and I'm in my last year of secondary school. I started playing Runescape back in 2006, but I didn't make my current account till about 2008. I've never really been good at keeping to goals and I always switch to a different thing. But now I've decided to set myself probably the biggest goal that can be set in Runescape, the Completionist cape (t). I will be splitting this down into 3 stages, stage 1 will be to max cape, stage 2 the untrimmed cape and stage 3 the trim. This doesn't mean I will do them in that order because I'll probably get some of the other requirements before I max and whilst the xp is still useful. Stage 1 - Max Cape Maxed Skills: 1) Firemaking 2) Cooking Attack - I will probably train most of this alongside Slayer. Strength - Again this will be trained with Slayer. Defence - Slayer. Constitution (Hitpoints) - This will level itself and will be well past 99 before I get the rest of the combats there. Ranged - Will probably also be done with Slayer or chinning if I have the money to burn. Magic - This will probably be trained till 91 with stringing amulets, after that it'll be from Livid Farm. Prayer - I will probably camp frost dragons after 85 Dungeoneering and sell the bones for dragon bones. Summoning - By the time I max all of my combats I will probably have enough charms for 99 Summoning, if not I'll carry on with Slayer for a bit. Dungeoneering - I'm gonna start going for this one soon, I will probably try and join DGS for it. Fishing - Will be getting this from Cavefish till 90 then Rocktails to 99. Woodcutting - Will be getting this from cutting yews or magics to use with Fletching. Fletching - Will be making bows from the logs that I cut, I may also do bolts if I have the money. Crafting - Doing battlestaffs daily will slowly get me there. Smithing - Artisans Workshop and smithing gold bars. Mining - Mining the ores for Artisans Workshop and mining gold ore. Herblore - This will be trained on bonus xp weekends and using herbs from Kingdom. Agility - Will be using summer pies for advance gnome course till 85 then pies at advanced barbarian till 90, then switching between the two courses. Thieving - Pyramid Plunder and Monkey Knife Fighters. Slayer - By the time I reach 99 in Attack, Strength, Defence and Range I will be 99 Slayer. Runecrafting - I will be doing ZMI and double astrals whenever I need money. Farming - Planting low levelled tree's and herbs to slowly get 99. Hunter - I will try out herblore habitat, but if I don't like it i'll barehand catch butterflies or catch grenwalls. Construction - By building oak dungeon doors in my house. Stage 2 - Completionist Cape - All skills max level - All quests complete - All tasks complete - Every music track unlocked - All magic spells from Livid Farm unlocked - All magic spells from Mage Training Arena unlocked - All magic spells from Mage Arena unlocked - All prayers unlocked from Camelot Training Room - All prayer unlocked from Dungeoneering - All Varrock Museum kudos earned - Unlocked use of the Abyss - Laid the Goblin High Priests to rest - Enchanted the Salve Amulet - Returned Clarence to rest - Reached the end of the Stronghold Of Player Safety - Reached the end of the Stronghold Of Security - Completed all 3 Fremennik Sagas to 100% - Hunted the Thalassus 10 times - Completed the Fight Kiln minigame Stage 3 - Completionist Cape (t) - 4,000 Chompy kills - Scarabite Research completed - Obtained the Shadow Sword - Unlocked the highest rune shop from Ali Morrisane - All hot-air balloon travel routes unlocked - Eagle transport routes fully unlocked - Defeated the 4 sub-bosses in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon - Unlocked the ability to craft all Slayer items and deliver killing blows quicker - Master White Knight rank obtained - Flying Broomstick fully enchanted - Found all hidden treasure from Making History - Unlocked the full power of the Ivandis Flail and Blisterwood weapons - Played 5,000 games of Castle Wars - Unlocked maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards - Defeated all champions - Achieved maximum rank in each Barbarian Assault role - Completed all court cases - Completed 25 chimp ice deliveries - Completed all Barbarian Training with Otto - Found all Barbarian Notes in the Ancient Cavern - Unlocked all rewards from the Artisans Workshop - Obtained all circus clothing - Completed the replica Dahmaroc statue - Unlocked the Scroll Of Life ability - Unlocked the Scroll Of Cleansing ability - Unlocked the Scroll Of Efficiency ability - Levelled up all followers to 99 in Temple Trekking - Earned the Vyrelord title - Visited the top of the Domination Tower - Made a Zaros symbol in Char's Training Cave - Killed Sunfreet in the Domination Tower ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [spoiler=Slayer Log] [spoiler=Clue Scroll Log] [spoiler=Squeal Of Fortune Log]8th March - Bucket, 10k gp
  10. I've switched back to RSOF to track my progress. To view my thread go to [QFC]48-49-753-63458056[/QFC]
  11. That's what I used to think whenever I saw a DIY thread, but then I decided to finally make one. I'm in a questing mood now, hopefully this mood will last until I get a decent amount of quest done.
  12. Also completed Lunar Diplomacy but forgot to take a picture.
  13. ^^ Still not got a black mask drop yet but out of range ammo.
  14. I finished my Kalphite slayer task that I've had for ages and got a new task of 175 Banshee's, which is now the first task on my new slayer log. I decided before doing it to get a salve amulet so I did the quest Haunted Mine then I did the Lair of Tarn Razolor miniquest to get it enchanted. The rewards from the quest got me 58 Slayer so I'm gonna go camp cave horrors for a black mask drop.
  15. Everyday I've been collecting 100 pure essence from the mage in Ardougne then using the two teleports on my wicked hood to craft nature runes. Then I use them to alch some of the 1,000 maple longbows I had. Today it got me up to 66 Magic and I was only about 2k xp from 50 Runecrafting so I mined some essence using my newly found access to the Magic Guild and the level along with all skills 50+. Then I decided to finally make some terrorbird pouches after getting 52 Summoning like two weeks ago so I made 220 pouches and 300 scrolls getting me 2 Summoning levels (53 + 54) and a combat level (87).
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