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  1. Why on earth would you LIKE to learn german? It´s a horrible language.... Anyway...for me: Dutch (native) and the local dialect (which has minority language status) fluently. I also speak german (good enough) and quite a bit of french. My english is also quite good.
  2. A girl is ignoring you ----> don''t bother. Where did you go wrong? You bothered. Girls tend to ignore other humans every once in while. Unless it is somebody you care about, leave it be. DO NOT try and comprehend females.
  3. Farming is done in runs, each 75 minutes (roughly). Make sure too visit all herb patches. first major herb to farm is ranarr. As for profitable farming, do the fairy tale 1 quets for magic secateurs (+10% yield when harvesting) use super compost al the time. Farming marigolds is good (though low xp), and they offer good profit. Do ""My Arm´´s`` quest as it unlocks an additional, disease free herb patch. As said, quest rewards can offer you great jumps in levels at the moment.
  4. I found the cabbage port good, especially since I have my spirit tree in port Sarim.
  5. When I was lower levelled and got members (slightly higher combat stats than you) I started questing a lot. The requirements for the quests were my guide on what to train. Farming is good to train via quest, and start growing herbs to gain gps to fund better armour, weapons and/or skills.
  6. Using jute fibres to pay the farmers for sweet corn prevents dying. It also adds a bit of farming xp, and the seeds are cheap. The Yanille patch is close to the teleport spot.
  7. If you are doing them as a diversion, just train slayer. On most assignments, I get a clue scroll (possibly more if I were to do them right away). For level 2 clues, try guards. I found abberrant spectres to be good level 3 clue droppers when I got them on my slayer assignments. There are better ways of making money than with clue scrolls......
  8. JoaT is good anyways, greenfingers are good if you farm (protection and a few extra herbs per run). Bought call of the sea since I'll be fishing soon for level 91. I also ahve reverance, as it cuts down on prayer potion usage during slayer. Look at the video, and decide which one you need depending on your actvities.
  9. There is/was a themed world for bonfires at the Shantay pass where max people per bonfire is permanent. I'm not sure on the world number.
  10. I train with whip on controlled (hate DG, no rapier). Most of my combat xp is from salyer, and the few times I need to use a strength weapon (SS) gives that a bit of lead. I like to have my melee combat stats equal. I think, unless you train either attack or strength a LOT higher than the other the difference is not too great. Defense is of no intrest to you is you go for DPS max. As stated, you'll train on pretty weak mobs antway, so defence is not very important. But I like my stats to be tretty balanced.
  11. pro: Access to everything the game has to offer. The only one that is important to me. Why limit yourself for a niche use (PvP)? On the other hand, if you want to PvP, build yourself a pure, have a blast, and when you grow bored of it, level it to max and have both of the options!
  12. lol, me too! After that, only smithing left for Ardy elite! Just got to 92 as well, getting the latest level with golds only... bleugh... Now collecting the charms I need for 93! I tried some wolpers, but I think it is tedious, and getting the seconds is quite a pain.
  13. Take into account, that wjen doing the burgh the rot minigame to max out the charackters (elite task), you are encountering them as well. I have like 200+ burnt right now, and they mostly from the minigame. The above mentioned method is faster, of course.
  14. Another question? What would be the best to use? The highest level essling/wraith / node for your level, or something lower levelled as your success rate is higher? For instance, what would a player with say.... erm.....78RC require to do for efficient use of the Runespan? (not hyjacking or anything...)
  15. and then another one, and place them slightly from each other, so that they form a nice little path...... To be frank, put it onn the bank, consider the intrest extra income and proceed as normal. Depending on fiscal regulations, maybe decrease the mortgage on my house, or buy a bigger one.
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