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  1. Little cousin, Y U disappear off the face of Tip.it? :(

  2. It hasn't gotten taken down yet so yay! c:
  3. I'm too lazy to see if I got yelled at. My signature is ridiculously attractive. Yes, he's a cannibal...I'm aware. He is also sexy and licking human blood from his fingers. Yes,yes sexy cannibals are sexy. .3.
  4. I'm agreeing with Fura. Since our new addition to the Tavern, I have been completely repulsed to this site. I hardly ever bother to check in because I know that the only thing that I will see is bickering, drama, who is better than who. Here is a resolution to everything: WE ALL SUCK. There. Now quit your [bleep]in'. Edit: Now, now Lei, I only breeze through there every now and again. The only two categories that I take permanent residence would be Honest and Blunt. I am a very straightforward person as you have noticed. I do not beat around the bush and wait for someone else to voice what a group is thinking. If you call me heartless then so be it. I may seem that to you, but I do believe that I have a heart. I wouldn't be sitting her, typing, talking to fura, and working on my English assignment if I didn't have a heart. Did you ever think of bringing logic into your responses? If not, you may want to start. It could save you, and others, valuable time.
  5. A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver, with some fava beans and a nice Chinanti.

  6. Love your suit *creepy cannibal face*

  7. Sorry Princess, I do believe that I just did tell you to shut up. And I don't care whose fault that it is for your being a "fragging nutcase." I never said anything of your gender and I never asked for you to explain yourself. I simply told you to shut up. Now you're just being illiterate and rude. It's sad really. The way that people think that their lives are terrible, instead of looking for the good in themselves. I'm not just talking about you directly, when I say this, I mean humanity as a whole. So many individuals think that their lives are miserable and that they are pointless. Once you call them out on their "Hard lives" and group them into an ever-expanding category of "emos" if you will, they use the general excuse of: "You don't know me!" or some variation of that statement. They become petty and seek attention from anyone who is willing to waste their time to "Listen" to nonexistent problems. Should you take one of these people to a therapist to explain their issues, they would have nothing to say, or whatever that they would say would be completely irrelevant and you would only be wasting the good doctor's time. Now Lei, I will speak to you directly. You fall under this category. You are someone who would like, no, someone who would love to have something terrible happen in your life just so you could complain to everyone about your life and its trials. You are sad. And not in the sense of "Boohoo" but the kind that borders pathetic. Yes, I did tell you to shut up. No, I will not be ordered around by someone such as yourself. It offends my vanity and my pride. As for your need of attention and sympathy, for your own sake you may want to refrain from speaking. It is not needed nor is it desired. OH AND FURA, LAWLAWLAWLAWLAWL JUST YES.
  8. Lei, shut up. Okie Dokie, so I've heard that the Tavern is now just a bunch of whiny [wagon]. GET OVER YOURSELVES THOSE WHO ARE ASDFEGJWTETWGJHERWGH!
  9. I know that you guys are most likely having a very in-depth and meaningful conversation that I probably wouldn't understand/care about in my lifetime so I'm going to say something that none of you care about. My Latest OTP: Hannibal/Clarice. .u.
  10. It is deathly boring without you over here. lol I apologize Madame, but you see....I'm simply one hell of a busy person. Ah yes, school time. I still haven't gotten a call back from that grant/scholarship thinger majig I had call me with information. :/ I start back next week, but I've been busy as sin preparing, reorganizing myself and my sleeping habits, trying to maintain a clean house with a kitten in it. (Which is an impossible task.) I've been trying to remember my locker combination since the last night that I was at your house when I had the dream about it XD
  11. Good, thanks! :P I'm trying to bug Wyvren for a Pathfinder campaign, ANY Pathfinder campaign. Wish me luck. Good Luck to you~ c: It is deathly boring without you over here. lol I apologize Madame, but you see....I'm simply one hell of a busy person.
  12. hmm... Well considering that I haven't the slightest clue as to what any of you are talking about...How're you guys?
  14. AH WRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Lei....you couldn't just say "i'm a junior!"? and eh have fun
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