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  1. My luck aint that great so i 50/50 or 100-0 with some friends.
  2. This are my stats as of this moment. Bank At the moment im working on 80 Woodcutting and after that 85 or 90 Mining. Its almost my 1 years anniversery so i thought of making a topic or else I would have forgotten... Rate or Hate
  3. I'd rather not waste more of my time excessively explain how 90 magic isn't something I'm waiting for in rate this when I can just use a meme to explain it in 2 seconds. Saves me and him a load of brain-activity. But thanks for wasting my time. What are you waiting for then? Are you waiting when you can finally think of something good to say? And 90 mage means a lot to me cause im also 10hp and its been a mid term goal of mine..
  4. Suicide aint good o.o and thank you all for the congratz :) im not going to do mage in a long time now :P did to much of it lol
  5. Tuto i must say this Your Just AMAZING!!! YOUR THE #1 runescape player that knows how to play :P
  6. Weee Looking forward to your next story :) And was nice talking with ya :smile:
  7. your mining is like WOWWWW :blink: and your a rich boyyyy huh :D
  8. Well i did steel bars walking to furnace from 30-60 then i heated mith till 70 smith from 70 smitth i heated addy. and my money comes from skilling and flipping when i could be bothered to look for items lol..
  9. thank you very much, your work is a lot harder to keep up all the fun stories and all that :rolleyes: Im getting along good but the final stretch to my goal of 90 mage is killing me softly :ohnoes:
  10. Fate is Born 10 HP Mage Proof of Account About Me I started playing in the year of 2005 on a other account i played on that account for like a year or 2 then quit it. I made a new account shortly after and that became my main, but atm I dont use it. Mainly I focus my attention on this account, I made this account like 6-7 months ago. And i intended this to be a 10 HP/Mage Skiller. The idea behind it is because I enjoy mage and skilling alot! My Goals Well my goal is to eventually have 99 mage, but for now I'm getting 90 mage, and rounding off my stats. I'm currently doing 500-1k superheats a day and the rest of the day i do gop or another bacth of heats. Starting Stats Stats as of 2nd of April Bank Picture Recent Achievements GOP Tokens Blog 8th June: Well i did 1k heats today played some pro evolution soccer and now i got 8.5k heats to go till 90 mage yay!!
  11. this blog is so nice fun to read all the nice story's i like it :)
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