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  1. Again. It's been a while tip.it. Those of you who regularly read the times may have seen another of my DYK's up, thanks to racheya and the crew, again! Anywho, since mah last post,i've leveled quite a bit. Today, i did 2 quests, both of which have been bothering me. The first was The Great Brain Robbery. I was stuck on Barrelchest, before a friend of mine recommended to me that using a Dragon dagger was the best choice, along with having protect melee on quick prayers and activating it every time. Result? Barrelchest dead, taking 5 tuna potatoes that i used. I know its kinda noobish, but it took me 3 tries b4 this one to kill him. Anyway, the 2nd was Heroe's, which really only took me a few more minutes to beat, because of the pheonix/black arm candlestick thingy. A rank from my clan chat took it upon himself to help me. Thanks, and now i have access to the Heroe's Guild. Also, i did a Large 4 person dungeon with some higher-level buds. Thanks, guys! That's kinda my update. Cya tip it :D
  2. Loved the articles; glad people liked the DYK. :thumbsup: I hadn't noticed a 7-day free member's trial, but I wonder if they really made the climbing boots update to cover it up... Also liked the 2nd article, i hadn't done things exactly like that, but much of the time, I do things that givem e any benefits besides fun. :D
  3. It's been a while, Tip It. So, those of you who have checked out the Times this week (this IS way late, i know) will have noticed the DYK article was submitted by yours truly. No, not that actor, me. I wasn't expecting my submission to actually be featured, but there you have it. :mrgreen: Thanks to Racheya and all the other people who work to bring the Times out every week! \:D/ All right, so I'll give you an update on my activities, not that I'm doing any.(Geez, Jagex, would it have hurt to stick with the name, minigame?) ATM I'm training slayer, and working through the slayer challenges. Right now, i'm just starting, and getting tasks from Turael. I am 56 slayer, but i just want to get his special task done. I just finished a short minotaur task (21) and ranging monkeys in the Ardougne Zoo. By the way, I may have gotten one of the rarest drops from a minotaur, a loop half a key. Seriously. What are the chances? :huh: All right then, guys! I'll see you next time! B) ~FreindO1~
  4. whoaaaaaaa.....brutal man

  5. Wow, i didn't expect to see my DYK submission in the times! I guess I should've checked the female character's emotes, but i didn't think of it at the time. Oh well... I liked the humorous first article, and had to agree with much of the second. Can't wait till next week. ~freindO1~
  6. Agghhhhhh..... It's been 2 days since my last entry, so I need to catch up on this. Okay, yesterday I was on a bus nearly ALL day, so I wasn't able to really write on this. I was doing the trip from Santiago down to La Serena,which was around 6 1/2 hours. :/ I just finished doing some Dungeoneering with a group of guys. Got my Dunging level (i think i just coined a new term) from 26 to 28, so that's all good. I think I won't be able to play much tomorrow, but that's fine, since I'm going to meet some old friends, hopefully. Right now, the cabin/house I'm in is pretty nice, but it reeked of bug killer yesterday, because the owners bombed the place or something to get rid of the bugs... It's also really cold in Chile, due to it being winter down here, but the place has a wood-burning stove that I'm supposed to keep going. We also went shopping today, and picked up 80 dollars worth of food, which should last us a while, and the prices are much cheaper than in the States. The bad thing is, all electronics are helluva lot more expensive than in the US, so I guess its a trade-off. I really can't think of much more to say at this point, but if you want to hear something, drop a comment or send me a message. :D All right, c ya guys (and gals) later! ~FreindO1~
  7. Wow, I'm only 24 dung. I couldn't even imagine grinding for 80. In any case, good luck!
  8. Hey tip iters! I'm completely new to the Tip It forum, but I use the site often and go on the Official Forums a fair amount. Feel free to add me in-game, if you so feel inclined. my name's freindO1, with a capital 'o'. not a zero. I've been playing runescape since just before the 2005 hallowe'en event, so I've been around for quite a while! I don't have the greatest stats, due to me wanting more to have fun doing stuff like treasure trails and mingames, instead of grinding and training to the next level. It's great to be part of the Tip It forums! :mrgreen: ~FreindO1
  9. Hey all of you Tip Iters! You probably don't know me, seeing as I just signed up today, so let me introduce myself. I'm freindO1, obviously. I mostly focus on having fun ingame rather than grinding skills, but i do train when I am so inclined. I often do treasure trails, and usually find my bank rather full most of the time. I've taken quite a few screenshots, and have been around since Octuber 2005. I also like to read the tip it times, and I really like to play minigames. Also, right now i'm in Chile, South America, although I usually live in the United States. BTW, my b-day was yesterday, just to let you guys know. Thanks to any who happen to read this, for now, IMMA GONNA PLAY SOME MOAR RUNESCAPE! :mrgreen: Lol, ~FreindO1~
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