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  1. RIP Tal Shiar Alliance. May you live on in our hearts and minds.
  2. Great articles all, but one sticks out: Forever Runescape: Part 1 A friend of mine wrote this, and man, Kamykazee (tried to tab that :P), you did a great job. The article is well written and concise, while providing an excellent players point of view to the early history of RuneScape! I can't wait for part two, though as packed full of information this one was, I don't know how you are going to write a second LOL. Anyway, great article :)
  3. Trade Off Finally, someone with the courage to stand against the crowd and point out what should be obvious. We were doing quite well without free trade and the wilderness. We were all used to it and you didn't have to worry about scams and it was all just better overall IMO. I voted yes for the wilderness, because the new one sucked. I just spent half an hour in the deep wildy and saw next to nobody. With rev's, I would have died in that amount of time three times over. Anyway, great article, NS :) (TS_StormRage)
  4. You gave 4 different options, but I don't think you took this into account: The "old" wildy and free trade go hand in hand. If you bring back the "old" wildy, that includes the dropping of carried items. In my humble opinion, you can't bring back such a thing without also bringing back free trade. In this sense, the options they gave for the vote are adequate. In response to whether they lied to us, I don't think so. I think it was meant to be an easy way for users to vote. anyway, good post :)
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