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  1. I never denied that I was wrong in using the term noob over newb, and I appreciate the correction. I was merely exaggerating my response by inferring my post was a experiment. A joke, or poke perhaps. Either way, I'm here to have fun. RS is a game... to most at least, but I think the important thing is that it stays fun. :thumbsup: This discussion? I was merely trying to create a reason to make noob a less used term. Do I have a personal investment in this discussion? Only as much as I will allow. Did I go about it the wrong way? Depends. I learned that Noob is not the same as Newb. And I have provoked many Forumites to post their views concerning my observations and it's irrelevance. Responses that include perspectives which I had not considered. Bots? I spaced that they even existed. Great counter argument xpandax. =D> From another perspective I have tested the waters of this forum and found them to be teeming with people who are very passionate in there responses, and very ready to correct someone when they are wrong. If I was lesser man, I could take advantage of this aspect. But I am lazy, and generally a nice guy, so investing that much effort in causing someone else suffering seems silly, not to mention the probability that it would pay out is questionable. I'd probably end up looking like a boorish angry troll. I'd like to thank Paw_Claw for the correction and just wanted to point out that I had not interpreted your post as venomous; merely acknowledged the potential for venom to be present in said post. I was impressed to say the least. So... Yeah. I was wrong. This is definitely not the audience I expected to be pitching my rant at. Its just the majority or RS players seem to be way into the grinding to have fun, and I can't help but see massive amounts of players getting flamed for flaming. Whats the point? If you ignore them they will leave. You can't force someone to stop doing something. You have to let them find a reason; Like the fact that the people they're flaming are the same which provide their essentials (which they are apparently not not <_< ) or the people they are trying to flame are not getting burned.
  2. The Venom in your replys repels me and attracts me at the same time. My illusions of grandeur only added to the wounds your words obviously aimed to cause... and yet, experiencing your unbridled vehemence, your unchecked need to demean. Such audacity! Such Anger! Your contempt is unparalleled! Of course the fact that your rude remarks originate from behind the safety of a computer screen, and fall with no real effect since my integrity is not relevant (this is but a game) barely registers in the face of your verbal onslaught! The passion in your attacks is inspiring. I am pleased with the results of this experiment... I can barely wait to hear more. :twisted:
  3. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see a lowly leveled character asking silly questions about this or that? I'll tell you because we all think it- NOOB. But what is a noob? A noob is someone who doesn't know what they are doing. A noob is a person who comes to you with questions and you give them rebuttal. You insult them, degrade them, let them know they aren't as good as you. But is that all there is to being a noob? No. Noobs are the unwitting pillars of our existence. They kill the cows so we may buy the hides that level our crafting. They kill the druids so we may buy the herbs and make your potions. They kill the giants for bones and sell them so we can level our prayer! They even mine the rune essence so our runecrafting levels don't suck. And what do we give them when they ask us for help? We tell them to gtfo. I'm not saying you should take them under your wing. Absolutely not! I'm merely saying we all should make an effort to let them know where to find their answers. Let them have cake so we may bath in our millions, and pk with full prayer potions. Let them have cake
  4. Yo! I'm a poorly CB-leveled 77 into chillin' and skillin'. I'm no good at pkin' and never liked spammin' the word 'noob' anyway, so If your bored and want to chat while skillin', or want to do double up on a quest feel free to hit me up. Chia!
  5. Sean Connery. Hands down, without a doubt no questions asked, Sean Connery. Why you ask? Whats wrong with you!?! It's Sean FREAKIN Connery! Geez...
  6. Back in my day, there was only one guy with a runeplatebody. 0.o Really though, THAT was before my time :) Back in my day, Shades robes were selling for 20k. And people always asked you if they could trim your armor.
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