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  1. my name is mr mad nick,looking for a very active skilling community clan My 99s are smithing fletching cooking firemaking fishing hunter and woodcutting I have 1374 total aswell as many higher skills I am a mature member,and have extensive runescape experience,as i have played multiple characters since 2002. you can post here or private message me. thanks
  2. thanks pinky :D so far I'm up to 84 mining,No Pics for mining till the 90s but I will keep everyone posted.
  3. today marks the day i start on my way to 99 mining,i finally got my dragon pick axe with some of the cash i made from hunter.Mining in LRC w84,lets get ready for the levels to roll in :D
  4. thanks,and ya i fixed the title thanks k4y,ya it was my 2nd biggest rs goal,considering back in 2002-2006 99 smithing was profitable
  5. Hey everybody! Names Mr Mad Nick,I am a partial skiller,because I do have combat stats :P. Runescape history I started playing runescape way back in the days of classic.I have gone through a ton of characters,but earlier this year I have settled on just one :D and Mr Mad Nick was born. About Me My real life name is Nick(as if you could not tell by my runescape name),I am 20 years old,with a 5 month old son and a fiancee who is pregnant with my second child. I am a mechanic and welder by trade and do both in my spare time when I am not playing runescape.Not much else to say about me. WITHOUT FURTHER WAITING The Goals As with everyone else who plays runescape and makes a blog on these forums,I have goals. My Current Stats *my most recent stats are in my signature* Goals I do tend to have radical goals,but I always achieve them. 99 Hunter- as you can see this goal is on the verge of being completed *complete* 99 Mining- mining coal in living rock caverns,yes it is a little bit longer,but it is worth more money :D 99 Herblore- the longest 99 I will be doing,as I am taking the slow but profitable method. 99 Magic- Most likely going to be super heating rune ore,its profitable and easy. 99 thieving- Not 100% sure on my method yet. 99 Crafting- Will be doing this by green dragon hide bodies using SC needles,then alching them when finished. 99 Prayer- will be using Dragon bones on my own alter once I achieve 75 construction. And my ultimate goal Yes that's right,a party hat. I have always wanted a yellow since it matches most skill cape trims and as well; it matches with my black gold-trimmed set and guthix staff Pictures and Recent Levels Thanks thank you for visiting my thread,please post if you can. Mr Mad Nick
  6. pinkster still noob i see,well i guess u know which one i clicked in ur poll,anyways goodluck in college and drop by and say hey noob onces in a bit,i misses u already <3: <3: <3:
  7. did u actually see that chick?and haha nice lil dung thingy-ma-bobber,ur still a noob :D much lovw <3:
  8. this is truely impressive,u got so much worth yet,u never use the ge,it must be hard at time like to get pots for fire cape/gwd anyways u got a bazillion thumbs up from me keep on rollin
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