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  1. I'm interested, long as it's social/active. Let me know. Stats in sig. Both accounts should meet war requirements
  2. Im interested. This is the kind of clan I've been looking for. I'm 20 years old, work a job but am on vacation atm, and my stats are in my signature. Let me know im game or on here. i'm f2p only for nwo anyway
  3. gotcha, realized i posted in the wrong forum after i made it
  4. Hi, ive been looking for a social clan. Noone ever talks in the one I'm in(pretty sure they're mostly botters :P). Sooo I'm down to join, PM me if your interested? or reply on here. Stats / account names in my sig
  5. Hey all. Looking for a clan to chat/play with. I'm fairly active and hoping to play with older players but age doesn't matter to me as long as you act maturely. I have 2 accounts which I regularly PK on but pking is not a necessity, just looking for more of a social clan. I'm 20 years old and have been playing runescape since I was 10 years old, back in RSC. Arm0red Car-79 combat 70 Defence 87 Ranged 82 Magic 71 attk 60 str 78 const X X F D X X-83 combat 72 attack 82 Str 40 defence 34 prayer 74 const I also have my original account which i only use for woodcutting, Frenchdutch. 84 wc. PM me on either account or let me know here if your interested in recruiting me!
  6. Looking for people who are into PVP to play/chat with, don't care if it's an organized clan or just a group, i've been playing RS since 2003 and am now 19, quit for a number of years in between though Username: Arm0red Car 84 range 82 magic 70 defence 71 attack 50 strength 2 prayer 77 combat and my other account which is still in training 69 attack 80 strength 30 defence(soon to be 45) PM me on rs or respond on here
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