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  1. what i did was go to the slayer master in canifs and after the 9th task i did sumona/duradedal i think it only took like 40 or 50tasks?
  2. lol i am going for 99 fish. thanks for the tip i actually might try this :P
  3. thanks for the reply's but i'm getting pretty bored with fishing plus i only get roughly about 350k a hour and i kinda want something to do where i could get more btw less than 500kxp till 99 fish (:
  4. Recently ive gotten a quest cape, and im going for a fishing cape atm but seeing as im really poor (3m) i was wondering what i should do next? I want to make money but i have no idea of what i could do so plz help? ill try to get a pic of my stats up soon.
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