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  1. What's the F2P world for gop? does anybody even play it legit anymore? :/
  2. After the completion of Death Plateau, are DOric and Boric tasks now available to F2P? :P
  3. I don't think anything bad to f2p should come of this - the lists can still continue etc, and as previously mentioned our total level will look nicer :) They'll probably open up only low-level items needed for member skills, I'm thinking maybe only 50 extra items in total. They won't give us much but when they do give us something that still is good! Just wondering, is there any clan/friends chat for pure f2pers?
  4. I actually thought about this for a bit and i believe the reason they did a vote is just so they can earn extra money from all the people making new accounts just to vote. I mean when players like So Wreck3d are urging their young fan base to go and tell there mommy and daddy to buy them more membership to vote you can tell the plan worked out. But unfortunately they still didn't get enough votes and most good estimates put them around 200k votes at the end. Asking players to pay $15 on top of the $8 they already have to pay is too much, they know they won't get enough players willing to pay this much compared to how many they can get with just a $5 fee. So now they're trying to rig the votes and get to at least 250k+ votes to maximize their profit from the 07scape server. Maybe i'm being a bit too cynical of Jagex, but it makes complete sense. I mean, why else spam the hell out of your player base for something that was meant to just gauge interest. Oh well now on top of getting spammed daily on youtube with people telling me to vote for the server, i get to enjoy being spammed on the runescape lobby and runescape homepage. Lovely. confirmed, f2p accounts are getting this in-game screen to vote too
  5. Hey guys, just decided to pick up this game again since dropping it 2 or 3 years back :P the last update i remember was them building up to EoC for members, and the grand exchange switching from 1 central point to 4 wider points O.o what would you guys say were the 5 most significant f2p updates since then that i should look into? thanks :)
  6. Gratz SUOMI! 855 xp above 3b! edit: 42m xp yesterday. Bawss.
  7. Bleh, I want to access the 1000+ total level worlds, but training non-combat skills isn't as exciting for me as combat...what should I do?
  8. If planks stay low and you do get 200m cons xp, will you go back to slaying?
  9. Is there a relatively fast way to 99 cooking that loses me less than 5m? (i have 60 cooking now, ignore my sig :P)
  10. Me and my friends used to mess around with the chinese gold farmers, but after reading an article about companies employing many people to goldfarm, it seems that its just another way to put food on the table.
  11. Don't go for the mystery box. The most you can get is an adamant platebody (f2p) i think.
  12. I think there should be a few improvements to dungeoneering. FIrst of all, when setting it as your objective, some levels (e.g. 26) have nothing on them, so levelling up your dungeoneering from 25 to 26 is worthless. In terms of advantages. This may be different for members as I am freeplayer, so please let me know.
  13. Well, congratulations. The emote takes up a 3x3, whoa. Its pretty awesome. Hope they will raise other skills to 120, too :)
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