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  1. Think i'm going to wait a few hours before trying to get into w60 lol. Dont think its worth the hour spent waiting :P in other news..! Crafting is next. Hopefully i can knock it out in the new few days if nothing comes up. But I'll be spending alot of time at SW tomorrow. Gotta get me a jad pet :P
  2. i might i'll check; i just pulled the first one i saw :P unspam: found it :P godfears is the 2nd leech, he didnt get 'leecher' title cause he made the other leech arrows to bind iirc lol
  3. my fastest keyed floor to date. and yes, we were suiciding.. it's common knowledge that if you're going for fast floors suiciding is the way to go ;) & this one; 2 leeches :)
  4. :) :) :) :) :) :) Finally we got it at the same time, cause we're cool like that.
  5. i can vid, anything specfic you're looking for? already have a few floors saved to be uploaded if needed.
  6. Keyed a few floors today, these were the top 3 & this one i didnt key, but fastest floor ive done in awhile :P
  7. Very nice rare, i dont think i've ever seen anybody do that but i can see it would be very helpful if your running a path with low food and no one else around to help take damage. +1
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