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  1. On behalf of the members of MaSoRS, I would like to thank everybody who attended our 8th Anniversary Drop Party. The party was a great success, and over 1 billion gp in value was given away. It took over 7 months of planning and preparation - relying completely on donations from our members. We hosted this party for simple reason of giving back to the RuneScape community, as we have been doing for these past 8 years. Our members have amassed hundreds of pictures and videos of the party, which will be appearing on the public section of our website and forum (themasors.com) in the coming days. Here's a selection of them... Three hours before the drop, and crowds were already beginning to gather: One hour to go, and MaSoRS members form a conga to advertise throughout world 14: The dropping went on for well over three hours: The lucky winners of our big trivia prizes: Again, thank you to everybody who attended - the drop wouldn't have been a success without you. We hope to see you next year for our 9th Anniversary Party!
  2. It will be RuneScape related trivia. Less than an hour to go!
  3. Howdy Junis, I think that The MaSoRS could be the perfect clan for you. We are a friendly and active skilling clan founded in 2003, with a welcoming and mature community. We have no activity requirements when it comes to attending events, although we host them on a regular basis, and no one clan rule so - being in DF is completely fine. You already meet our requirements, so if you want to get to know us a bit more then you could check out our CC 'm a s o r s', or SwiftIRC channel '#masors'. You could also take a look at our recruitment topic, here. Thanks, and good luck with your search. :)
  4. Welcome all, to the recruitment topic for the legendary clan, the Miners and Smithers of RuneScape. A clan dedicated to the game, with knowledge, skill, and compassion within our ranks. We have existed for years, since August 28, 2003, and have adapted, changed, evolved to accommodate the game we have all come to love. Over the years, much has changed, from the evolution to Runescape 2 and Runescape HD, new skills being released, the shifts that occur within our economy, we have seen and experienced all of it. The Miners and Smithers of RuneScape is, as you can guess, a clan dedicated to Runescape and skilling, our requirements of 60 mining and 50 smithing are set to show dedication. We offer events ranging from blast furnace trips, to snowball fights, to group cattle slaughtering events, conga lines, mining trips, Trawler events, you name it, and we do it! You don't have to attend events; in fact many members just join our clan to be in our thriving community! In the past there have been multimillion drop parties, we have given away many rares, even a few party hats, and god knows how many sets of rune. Here's a video showing one of our many drop partys: More videos of our drop partys can be found here: http://gs274.photobucket.com/groups/jj2 ... ter=videos We are so much more than a simple clan, we have no affixed general trademark, we are what we are, a clan of friends from all over the world, more so a community, that aids each other, offers support and friendship, offers discussions on any topic imaginable with our set up of rules and forums. If a member has a suggestion, we value their opinions. Every member matters. And so it is my pleasure entirely to offer to you folks the opportunity to become part of the great runescape clan MaSoRS, providing you have our relatively low standards for acceptance and abide by the rules. What we offer: Very experienced members who offer great knowledge on the game (Especially Mining and Smithing) Events relating to new releases, or popular events that have worked well in the past. An Event Team dedicated to hosting fun Events every week for the clan. A thriving and friendly community Plenty of different forums for different subjects, such as a Debate forum, and a Fun Orb forum An IRC channel for laughter, serious discussions, and everything else! Requirments: 60 Mining 50 Smithing You can join with 85 Mining or Smithing without having the previously stated requirements in the other skill Able to abide by our simple clan rules. We have no one-clan rule! Pictures: Here are a few pictures and memory's we have: Please Note: Some images are thumbnails and you have to click on them to view them fully. Here's a picture of one of our many drop partys back in Runescape Classic: Here's one of our conga's back in Runescape 2: Venturing deep into the wilderness to mine in Hob Goblin mines: A collage of our September 06 Drop Party: Setting the Mining Guild alight: Visiting our favourite places in Runescape: A picture from our Christmas 2009 Drop Party - Over 100m was dropped in total: You can find hundreds of pictures like these on our Photobucket album: http://www.photobucket.com/masors So what are you waiting for... Visit: http://www.themasors.com If you're an IRC user and are interested in joining our clan - feel free to join our SwiftIRC Channel #Masors to get to know us all more, or our clan chat M_A_S_O_R_S if you wish to speak in game.
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