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  1. Added in TMOA points, which is a system that tracks progess to 200m's and is used to create a clan hiscores. Money has some value in it too, thus giving Jdel higher points. If I made the increments smaller than the 40m/50m/100m increments that exist atm, it'd show more overall account-wise, but the purpose isn't for that as much as it is to value milestones to 200m Xp. That's why Kingduffy is low, because his base is up there but doesn't specialize in anything. Just thought it'd be interesting to see. :) I'm at 33 TMOA points btw. Can you explain your logic of how TMOA points work? Are you ahead of Broman because he can't afford buyables or what? Just don't understand how at all how you would be ahead of Broman and Duffy with your exp. Wats my Tmoa points
  2. Wheres the time calc now anyways? Checked Thais sig and didnt see it
  3. Just quoting it for reference so you know its about this topic and also reminding I turned my private chat off for a month back when I did my Rc (pathetic) record and he didn't delete me, seems there were doubts in earlier pages weather or not he actually cares bout his friends so figured id post that as a reinforcement of the point that he does (: Happy Holidays * Careful, dont want to offend anybody of the government gets madbro I dun did it with the Runecrafting While Cannoning, goodfight your memory Ive known Jebrim for a long time lol and I can tell you he has changed ALOT from when I met him. Everybody changes overtime to say otherwise would be pretty ignorant.
  4. Gloomy effigyd but yeah that A dude beat my record a lil while back sucks about effigys though would have been nice for somebody ( probably Suomi) to get a legit like 30m month and have highest legit record cause >25m sucks for a rank 1 record ( yes including mine)
  5. First time RS 1 and 2 are the real 1 and 2?
  6. Could always make highscores able to be sorted by different orders, like by time or activity..etc
  7. I don't know about you and about your non-comma sentences, but for me it's worth spend 1min for 10k rc xp. Well if im @ Cave crawlers for instance its going to take a bit more then a minute to get/use jack of..etc. Id rather use less commas and not be stuck thinking a farm run is 75m gp/h and trying to scam my friends into buying the "secret method" for 100m. Also obviously in "some" circumstances it would be worth it like if crafting in varrock west best and you have a jack of trades tab and you can do it quickly but again @ cave crawler scenario suppose it could save a few seconds.
  8. Mithril/Peter is the one who faked the 2500 Noted Brews drop if I remember my supreme skillers day correctly back when we were friends @ what Athymy said. @ Suomi, you did CRAFTING XP WTF GIMME MY 500K BACK NOW I AM DISSAPOINT @ the no1 quits Runescape comment Runescape = Alcohalism in many aspects, people relapse. Jack of all trades r joke xp, is it even worth stopping what your doing to go do the stuff then have to go back to what you were doing?
  9. Makeveli how about staying on topic for the thread =p Also just defending what is being posted about me be4 mod auto bans me from tipit again lol. @ The pic- Yeah and what about it lol? Was from back before I even had 1k subs and I was making a progress video and I wanted everybody to pm me stuff when I turned private on so it would look cool for a video? He actually made a video talking about it lol I still dont see how thats supposed to be insulting or a bad thing. Oh no Aribiterspar had people pm him spam for a video like 9 months ago, call TMZ! On topic: Dragonseance Vs. Desputy
  10. Suomi has a different time calc I believe Thai has 2 of them for that reason was just wondering if thats the one you used for suomi
  11. no i think then actually training rc would be faster. Rc is already faster to train just Runecrafting even with Cave crawlers her crawlers are just better because of all the other xp you get..etc
  12. I will get about 20M+ Farming Xp from effigy stages while getting 200M Runecrafting at Cave crawlers, I don't think 200M Farming will be a problem. Even if it was my last 200M skill I could always effigy it, almost 25M Farming Xp/month so it's not really a problem. About donations, it's fine if someone doesn't want to value my achievements because of donations but no need to get personal. Some day rs might not be here anymore. Personally I would never dislike/hate someone just for playing the game, especially when I am not breaking any rules or trying to harm anyone. Even with donations 200M all skills takes so much time and thanks for understanding that I didn't just suddenly get all my donations. I have been working on this goal for over 3 years and have played over 20k hours. And it's a race against time, world might end before I make it so all the help was more than needed. Also gratz Tezz on rank 2, 1 Xp over 3B looks funny haha =P Donations are part of the game till Jagex makes them illegal all complaints are just jelly. Even @ drumguns future comment about to claim to not be jelly its really a ridiculous argument then, if suomi was doing something that wasnt available to anybody else then yeah it might be un fair but its YOUR OWN choice to not make it widely known you accept donations or ask for them and nothing is stopping you or anybody else complaining about donations from doing it except yourself, he has no extra advantage except from obviously being smart enough to take advantage of an opportunity and it would be completely foolish to not do it. Saying his xp is less valuable because he got donations is no different than complaining somebody got 200m agility quicker because they did advanced barbarian and you did brimhaven while barbarian was completely available to you as well you just didnt feel like doing it. Yeah the person may have worked longer and harder because they did brimhaven instead of barb but there fault for not just doing barb. Life lesson: Work smarter not harder, your own faults if you can figure that out.
  13. facepalm Staking is not luck based unless you're one of those lads who just sit afk while hoping their character boxes the win. alternate facepalm... Clicking different attack styles doesn't do shift.... And Mage boxing is exactly the same. It all comes down to who hits highest (which is, to say, luck). 1. By selecting a different attack style, you get a +3 bonus to your level on the one you selected. 2. Mage boxing with movement is different to no movement. Movement mage boxing you use animation delays and you have to know when to ice/blood, no movement boxing is more when to blitz/barrage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't getting a +3 bonus to your attack style end with classic? I believe selecting an attack style simply lets you choose which skill to get experience in (other than the effect of crush/slash/stab, none of which would have an effect in boxing). As well as Ive never seen proof that Blitz was more accurate then barrage I think it was spartan3450 who did a test and proved it wasnt but im not sure
  14. Hobbys are supposed to Pass the time not fill it. With that being said, For alot of people Runescape is a lot more than a past time it is recreation, socialization and other things + personal goals being attached to it making it much more than a hobby (:
  15. When you click but that click doesn't register in the game whatsoever. I can click the superheat spell in my magebook 3 times in a row and sometimes nothing will happen. Sometimes, I right click a bar to drop but it won't right click, ect. Could be how they nerfed 2 tick cooking made a change to how faster clicking registers
  16. ............ Why would they refer to that as "spam-click"ing when you actually click precisely at the right time while moving your mouse? Stupid [bleep]ing [cabbage] Jagex Hmg me and fut agree universe crash
  17. Because I can't fight dragons IRL. Words have never been spoken so true through and through beautifully spoken are these words from you I shall remember this quote till the day that I die its more epic than a D.I.Y Admiral Pie now I belive that your quite a cool guy well its my bed time yup, k and goodbye.
  18. WAT? X2 20% boost means x1.2 ... was x2 ing his comment lol
  19. Yeah not like you can get like 130m rc xp during the time you slay He's less than 50m from 200m Slay, he's gained 26m in the last 4 weeks. If he keeps at that pace he'll hit 200m in less than two months, that's roughly 60 days of assists which is 1.8m xp, even with a completely maxed out bank of effigies to use and getting RC for the investigate of every level and then using the lamp on RC he would still have gained nowhere near 130m rc xp. I was responding to your comment itself nowhere in it was SUOMI mentioned
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