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  1. im 16 now but when i first started i was 12, most of the people i knew were around my age now and i never said anything i knew someone that was 18 and they seemed to do better at the game as they were older and found better methods i feel, that's my 2 cents.....
  2. add in keyboard and mouse support, that seems pretty simple if you ask me?
  3. god i can't follow up to that story! well Hi tip.it, name Christopher but prefer Chris, im 16 live in Australia (yes it is real....) in year 11 of high school (1 more year left) left runescape in grade 8 come back now because i miss the game, gave my old account to a friend, wish i could have it back but he plays it and hes younger then me and is my best mates brother, may as well let him play it until he's done with it, i started a skiller which won't be a skiller forever but i enjoy doing that at the moment, im looking to become an electrician, whether that be just a plain electrician doing houses or i might choose to go off to the mines to earn some big money, my overall goal is get a 99, something like mining would be good. The reason i chose the name Pylo, if anyone here is a fan of HuskyStarcraft, they will understand it, my name on rs is I Am Pylo, im at varrock oaks will be for a decent amount of time as i am going for 10k of oaks, as my first mini goal, thank you for reading and i hope to learn and maybe even help some people here! thanks guys.
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