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  1. 1384 profile views and no comments.

    The views:comments ratio was giving a divide by zero error, so I fixed it. <3


  3. What is love? It is a state of affection for something. In the case of my love for this guide, I am in a state of affection for this guide. Also known as a bump <3
  4. Apmeken is a desert god with the face of a monkey, could be what the "Hey, Monkey features" refers to. Defy red could refer to defying Sumona/Amascut, who has red hair and eyes in every disguise we've seen her in thusfar Also, the bible verse says Desert, not Wilderness in some translations, including the new international version, which seems more relevant to this desert-related hint.
  5. Just in case anyone instantly thought the same as me, perhaps biblical reference, Job 1:19 goes as follows: "when suddenly a mighty wind swept in from the desert and struck the four corners of the house" While this may be barking up entirely the wrong tree, it does mention sand, and red may perhaps be a desert deity. (similar to the story of Job) The mention of monkey confuses me though, especially with Mambo (the monkey god) being referenced in a different section.... Meh, it's probably wrong, but this is what discussing potential answers is all about, right? :/ Edit: Perhaps it'll revolve around the Devourer Vs Icthlarin tension once more This is my first ever post :D
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