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  1. Haha, sorry about that. I released the guide a while after they came out and I don't have any time to make RuneScape videos anymore... (I go to a tumbling school, lol)
  2. I have 15,000 loyalty points and I was thinking about choosing the "Jack of Trades" aura since I could easily gain runecrafting XP in a matter of a minute. And besides, I don't play much, anyway. I already have the reverence aura and bought it for around 500 points when it first came out, I think. I'm not sure whether I should wait for the next batch. Does anyone have any information on when it comes out? Thanks.
  3. What herbs are most profitable to farm? I use juju farming potions and magic secateurs. Farming level is 76, but could increase. :) Thx<3
  4. I've heard it's ridiculously rare. Does anyone have any statistics regarding its scarcity? I'm considering getting it for its looks and its bonuses, of course, but I'm not sure whether it's worth it or not.
  5. What production options should I choose? Thanks.
  6. Got from 94 to 99 Herblore, thanks for replies :)
  7. Haven't played in around 2 months and now I see the Bonus XP Weekend is going on. Haven't prepared anything. What should I do?
  8. He did include xp rates. I wanted to say that the video was extremely well made. However, the content of the video isn't so novel. I like that you put a lot of effort into your guides - but why not make a guide for something that's difficult/a totally new way to train. There's not much more to wc other then bringing a hatchet/lumberjack/urns/juju and clicking trees. This method doesn't really deserve a whole video because it's bringing nothing "new" to the table" (Sorry if I sound kind of mean - but your videos are really well done and I think it would make sense if you put it to a different use) I'm currently working on an arctic pine guide with splitting, but it's actually really hard to make guides for harder stuff such as TDs, especially recording, explaining, etc. Do you have any suggestions on guides I could make, though?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT8pH8ohpXU&hd=1
  10. Thanks, I did see the august update thingy and was wondering. But just as I posted this, I got one. Haha, irony ^^
  11. Does anyone know the drop rate of the lumberjack top? I've gotten 6 pairs of boots, 5 hats and 1 pair of legs, yet no top. I've heard they're really rare. Anyone with some numbers, perhaps? Nvm: got it L0l
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7SCvcEUx4E&hd=1
  13. Yup, considering re-doing the whole vid, fixing typos and adding some stuff, lol
  14. Good point! I thought the same, because I've only ever seen them use their magic attack in the cave and beforehand, I got poisoned by orks. So yeah, good point.
  15. According to the RS Wiki, revenant cyclops among others are poisonous. What? After the release of the cave, I've only ever been poisoned by the rev dragon and I've killed all other revs. Does anyone know whether this is correct? Possibly is it their melee/range attack? Also, I've only ever seen them mage. In what circumstances do they use range/melee? Thank you!
  16. The quicker you can get into your house, the more bones you can offer per hour, ergo more XP/h. Doesn't that make sense?
  17. Quote from RSW "A curly root is an item obtained from chopping curled jade roots (83 Woodcutting required) within the Jadinko Lair and then collecting the roots, yielding 161 Woodcutting experience (80.8 for cutting and 80.8 for collecting). 4 curly roots are obtained per jade root cut. It can be used on dry patches within the lair to create a firepit with a tinderbox, or simply burnt on an existing firepit with a minimum level of 83 Firemaking. Both of these actions yield 378.7 Firemaking experience per curly root. You will also receive two points of favor each for doing this, which can be exchanged for rewards at the Offering stone. Strange rocks can be received doing this activity."
  18. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I guess I did miss many points, but I tried to make it in a rush (even though it took me like 5 hours, anyway xD) Since I use Sony Vegas Pro 10, I saved a .veg project file, so I might actually add some more parts to it. You're right about the clicking thing, too :) I personally just think the whole thing seems rushed and possibly even confusing, especially for a beginner (referring to the first couple of slides). I've discussed and researching using the ectofuntus and I've come to conclusion that it's a waste of time, lol. So I didn't really wanna add that in there. Even though it 'only' has 2 dislikes, I'm still really bothered as I actually put effort into this guide, especially the editing, since I have like 30 subs. Especially after finding out some guy disliked it and called it a "[cabbage] vid" whilst he has a freestyling video with 23 dislikes and 1 like. Oh well, haters gon' hate. To improve, how do you think I should start out the video? I think the emote and stuff in the beginning was good, but I meant after that. Sorry for the huge post xD Edit: also, don't you think there's a bit too much text?
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFfK2HaUwXo&feature=youtu.be&hd=1&list=ULM-FNN8cKXJU
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGffqAQp1D8&feature=youtu.be&hd=1
  21. I know this section is used for guides, but I was wondering whether I could post my video guides there or not. If not, where can I post them? In the media section, perhaps?
  22. I'm sure some clueless beginners would appreciate such guide... not up for you to decide lol
  23. I'm making a prayer guide. Is the ectofuntus worth training prayer at versus the gilded altar? (I.e., is it worth mentioning in the guide?)
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