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  1. I remember reading somewhere that people will notice your advertising messages more if they have typos. Not sure how valid this is. though.
  2. Lol, but gambling addiction is far more dangerous IRL for obvious reasons. Gambling addiction IRL = you losing all your money and have your life basically get screwed, RS gambling addiction = you losing your virtual geepees and crying for a few minutes, oh noes
  3. Maybe Jagex made the Storm of Armadyl spell because they felt sorry for magical Green. This was part of her brilliant plan all along. Green was slaying with magic for the community - accept Green098 as your personal savior.
  4. Personally, Drumgun, I usually don't disagree with what you say, but I disagree with you posting some things in the first place. Posts such as the one starting with "Wouldn't the master of combat...", which imply criticism of the methods of other top players. You make these kinds of posts very often. What am I getting at? Stop constantly trying to devalue the achievments of others and boost your own. It makes you seem weak and childish.
  5. Wow didn't think Suomi was the type of guy to openly talk about that stuff. Keeping it real. The more I see him post the more I respect him lol
  6. Very little complaining for 6 pages? Considering how whiny the Runescape community is, this must be a godly update.
  7. All according to SUOMI'S MASTER PLAN :twisted: I kid, I kid
  8. Maybe 200m all skills in F2P? Not as extreme as RSC (though still ridiculously long), and you can remain connected to the majority of the community.
  9. Aw, you're going on holiday with another week left? :( Oh well, do what you want.
  10. Pretty sure "someone" said that even he will probably do a party when he gets 200m xp in all skills.
  11. He is slaying normally now. Cave crawlers are brain killing and difficult to do for long periods of time. I'm surprised he got 15m slayer xp there although I was hoping for more :P Did you not see, "He also hasn't been gaining slayer exp either so he must not have gone back to normal slaying either"? Or is Sockem missing something?
  12. OMG Suomi mentioned Heroes of Might and Magic in his interview. +1000 internets.
  13. You've been successfully trolled. Good job. I kind of feel sorry for Dragonseance, seeing as how he's getting undeserved hate now.
  14. I liked the summary of Lan. I hope you start doing that every time someone leaves the top 15 :P
  15. If that was true he would remix it into "I need a mil".
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