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  1. Dragonseance and some random noob account might be close
  2. I'm sorry to say matt, but i don't like your update style. Add nice stories around it, cuz this is not fun to read. Good effort though.
  3. Hate to break it to you but no single skill takes 3 years to max. The players we are talking about in this thread take about 6-7 months to max the slowest skill (rc).
  4. Suomi is getting 700k rc xp on average a day since he started rcing (crawlering). Like i did when he started slaying i made a prediction for when he would be finished. It was not really accurate but if he continues on this pace he will have 200m rc in the middle of may.
  5. Looks like elias has come back to life! Unbelievable. A13d? You're friends with him right? Any info yet? EDIT: dang forgot you wouldn't post here as much. Well hope you do this time
  6. Alkan is getting 99 slayer untrimmed and then he's gonna try to get all 98's and level them the same day indeed!
  7. I was hoping I could do it this week Yes you mentoined that last week, i vote for you man. Anybody else can do one too but preferably after sojournitis'.
  8. Sorry i'm just lvl 99 in the ninja skill
  9. yh just like literally all the people who quit after 2 weeks of setting that goal, right? Well actually forsberg888 has had one of the first 200m all skills thread on the rsof. It's been made at least over a year ago, not 2 weeks. Sure she's not close, but she has time. So what YD squad said.
  10. Langer started with updates at like page 40. He just wrote some random stuff about players first, then made an order of xp total. Started with a top 10 (logical wise). Then changed to a top 15 like few months later because top 10 got boring :P. Time for a top 20 i say.
  11. Nice update a13d, do you by any chance know for how long richard has been collecting effigies now?
  12. That would be true if we were talking about the first person to achieve this, but we are not.
  13. Probably a combination of boredom + the need to achieve stuff that has not been done before. By boredom i kinda mean that you think to yourself: what else could i be doing.
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