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  1. He even refused to eat kebab which I was offering him for free :( And he forced himself by saying that he only drinks 3 litres of milk a day so kebab would not be good for him!
  2. I am so proud of my boy Suomi ;) After a burn out he is still heading towards a Thieving record of all time ! ( In a month). So far 90M Thieving xp gained in a month which includes 22M xp in Hunter, and the record is 108.6M ! He is gonna make it! Ily Suomi <3 lets meet in real life again =)
  3. that was a sick month, a really nice race between dark lust and suomi as i remember, suomi won the race with about 420m? Nope, Suomi got 398.5M to be exact. Dark lust got a lot xp from an effigie dumb tho if I remember correctly. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. LOL, like every skill nowadays. 5k cw games takes 1666 hours afaik? (3 points a hour? Can be wrong too) 200M prayer is like 230 hours, 200M herblore is around 300 hours, 200M crafting is like 400 hours? Basicly at least all buyables takes less than 5k cw games. I'd say there is no many skills left that takes more than 1666 hours to max. The xp rate for such a skill should be 120k/hour or less. There is few skills, but not many. (Mining, fishing, agility at least, and maybe Slayer, depending how you count it)
  5. Suomi has 188M hunter xp now and picking up the pace day by day. He has gained 21.5M hunter xp in a week now and seems to be going up every day I track him :P
  6. It was only a year ago, when me and Suomi bought him all the frost dragon bones needed for 200M prayer =) Good times
  7. He also passed Elvis. This will make him 3rd in Overall xp.
  8. We still have hope: there is Jake, Gemeos2, Dragonseance, Harry Botter, and not to forget, our Finnish Pride #2 #1: Conesz. The top active players are only at 60% of 200m all... My guess is that it will even take more then a year... It would be 1 year straight with max xp rates lol. More like 2 years from now until we see someone maxing
  9. I don't know if you are aware of but Suomi quited RuneScape. If he comes back, I'll add him back. It's never to late. Yes. I don't know if your aware, but so did Telmo and Elias. Telmo was over 1 year on the list without gaining xp Yea, it's a shame that Telmomarques and other players quit for over 1 year now :/ So what is the reason to delete one after he has been inactive for a week, and let others be there for a year ?
  10. I don't know if you are aware of but Suomi quited RuneScape. If he comes back, I'll add him back. It's never to late. Yes. I don't know if your aware, but so did Telmo and Elias. Telmo was over 1 year on the list without gaining xp
  11. A 124 hour decrease in one week? Did you altar any of the exp rates, or are spins/effigies to blame for it? 124 hours is easily possible. Suomi was doing 110 hours a week constantly back when he was training Agility. People have done 150h+ before by the way. The main reason for the "huge" decrease is that the tracker is from 8 days if you check the date ;P (14/10/2012)
  12. Why would you delete Suomi from the calc just now ? I thought that it was a joke when you first mentioned it lmao He has been inactive for a week ok ? Elias for example was there for months after "Quitting", and so was Telmo until now as well Edit: Btw, shouldn't paulrat3 be behind conesz on the list ?
  13. I don't care about the Gp even I donated more than 1B by myself alone. It just kills me that he didn't make it and is Quitting now. It's just an excuse I can use to complain lol. I donated for nothing!? But seriously, I would pay him much more just for finishing it now
  14. I have personally donated over 1B gp to Suomi and I have also known him since he finished with his first 200M skill (fletching). I knew him better when I was playing more seriously (2 years ago), but I have still been in touch with him every now and then. I'm also one of the few people that has met him in the real life. (Yes, he can confirm this argument himself if it gets flamed) Since I first met him and heard about hes goal I started tracking him and continued to do so for at least every other day for almost 4 years straight by now. I started to believe in him and his words and chances to get all 200M after he smashed fishing and agility (1 year straight 110h+/week). During that time I started to donate. Even there is multiple posts about saying that people shouldn't complain because the money was donated, or it's hes decision etc etc, but I still feel like saying this: I am very very dissapointed. After so many days I have been following him and waiting him to get all 200M it just feels so empty now. It hit me from the sky, really didn't see this coming. I would have put all my money on him just a year ago. I'm still hoping that he will finish it one day, hopefully in six month, don't see this coming now tho. Can't blame him for his decisions, but I truely hope that he would try and finish the goal for all his fans. We all wanted to see someone to get all 200M, and now we have to wait another 2 years or more. BS
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