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  1. It's fixed! I just had to reinstall the latest Java version. Which is weird because I had totally forgotten Java was used on the Login page. lol Thanks for your help!
  2. A million questions are good, if you ask me. :D 1. I have tried both FireFox(my main browser) as well as Chrome. 2. ( I'll have to try this now, I left it blank so I could get a reply out a bit faster. ) 3. FireFox had some type of error last week in which I couldn't install any new Add-Ons. I had to completely delete and reinstall FireFox. I've only installed two new Add-Ons and have already deleted/reinstalled them. With no luck. 4. I use the official RuneScape client to access the game. It no longer provides access to the site, though. I think it's because I am running Windows 7, as my fiance is running Vista and she can still access the site through the game client. 5. I have restarted my computer a few times now. Mostly for other reasons, but it has been restarted.
  3. I seem to not be able to logon to RuneScape's website in any way. I can Login to the game no problem, but ever since the forum update, every time I try I get a "The connection was reset" page. Does anyone know what to do/why this is happening? I tried submitting a bug report, but I need to Login for that. Thanks for any help!
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