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  1. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=6919 I was just thinking along the lines of placing in parenthesis (obtaining this item could take a while to get, but it is there) or something along those lines. After about 20 minutes of not getting the clean necklace I gave up and went to the digsite thinking I was doing something wrong. Perhaps also add something that the clean necklace is not the same thing as the necklace jewelery. I dunno, I just felt as if I was not doing something right. Just throwing that out there. edit: for some stupid reason, i didnt look at the varrok museum guide. I looked right at the item which is whats linked. Sorry about that.
  2. Oh wow! Thanks! Perhaps that should be mentioned in the part of the guide where it tells you how to make them. It just seems extremely vague. Again, many thanks!
  3. Ok, so I have looked at the guide on here about how to learn to make them, yet it is vague. I spend 30 mins at the varrok museum cleaning stuff off and showing necklaces to the guys in there, and i still cannot do it. What am I doing wrong? I have done most of the quests at the digsite (including temple at sentennisten) and still nothing. Please let me know. TBH its probably me overlooking something but still very frustrating. Thanks in advance for any help! Bran
  4. Under the guilds section, the Thieving guild is not listed. Here is the link to the pageclicky Thieves guild: Quest required - Buyers ans Cellars, Location: Lumbridge. I just noticed it's been mentioned in other guides, but this one is missing it. Sorry if there is a reason its left off
  5. How long does it take them to degrade? when they do, is it like barrows where each time they lose some of their stats, or is it a one time deal? I've looked through the site, there really isnt any clarification.
  6. I am pretty sure you can make mithril or addy bars for a little profit or breaking even, for smithing xp.
  7. What is this hunter kit I keep hearing about?
  8. Maple logs are usually a good flip. Not too much profit, but 100k is better than nothing. buy 1 above min, and sell 1 below max. Buy 25,000 of them at a time. Be sure to look at the graphs on the GE first though, not everything will work out, not even "sure" win situations.
  9. Hey guys, just an update. I found a method with the help of a friend, which is casting stun on the elemental balance in your house. I know its been thought of before, and I cannot believe I had not thought of that! Either way, it seems like the route to go for speed and cost!
  10. Wow! Lots of suggestions! Thanks guys!
  11. well, a few methods are slow, but somewhat break even or are profitable. Everyone knows about cannonballs, don't know how you feel about them. They are slooooooow xp but profit. Iron knives are another profit maker, yet another really slow xp. Making addy bars via superheating is breaking even, if not profiting a little bit. if you use a furnace it cuts the xp a lot but you profit about 300gp per bar. I believe you can make any bar for relatively no loss, but most have to be made at a furnace for that. Hope it helps. Just FYI, if money were no problem, make the highest platebody you can for the fastest xp.
  12. I am trying to get 99 magic, and I am at level 94. I would love to be able to say money is no matter, but unfortunately I cannot. I have about 10m I would like to spend. I would rather not alch, or tele to cammy 80k+ times. If it is fighting a monster, could you please specify a monster as well? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks to all that reply!
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