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  1. What do you say to all the PVP clans that will no longer be able to function because of this update? Will price manipulation clans come back in force because of free trade? Jagex has been taking alot of critiscism for how this vote was done. I think they should be given a chance to state their side to many of the players that are confused or angry.
  2. I think people are missing the reason of the first article. It was to discuss the lack of communication, not whether RS should have events. I loved that article, I now find that i'm not just a complaining, unhappy, veteran of the game.. It's very refreshing to know other players feel the same way- that Jagex has some serious revamping of their communication. The author brought to example the climbing boots update. I would like to discuss a different one though. The skillcape update. I obviously started a thread when Jagex shortened all male Skillcapes to complain. But was there any-- Oh don't worry everybody we'll bring the length and size back ASAP? Absolutely not! At least I never found a post by any Mod explaining. At that point i didnt even try. I just gave up on Jagex as the author of the article said players would. So what? Big deal? It was like an inch.. That's what some moron told me in a Slayer cc i visted. And thats what a lot of ignorant players will say to the upcoming updates of Jagex. The point wasn't the length or because my already tiny skill image had been cropped. The point was at that moment i wondered if Jagex Studios had been moved to North Korea because it felt like a dictatorship. (No offense to any Koreans, I love you guys) Now i get very excited over new updates so i don't want anyone getting the wrong message. What i hate is when i log on and the "update" just changed something else which should never have been touched and all because the lack of a 13 lettered word named C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. And when they really mess up they patch it up eventually. WE DON'T WANT PATCHES WE WANT ACCOUNTABLILITY! (that one's 15 lettered ;)) I applaud the efforts made with the polls. but lets face it, the polls are incorrectly utilized. Anyone seen what the poll is this week? If you haven't go check it. Does anyone really care how many times people change their name? Does anyone really care how many times they've changed their name? --This is an example of a terrible poll which sadly doesnt even come close to it's fan site's polls... ... like Tip.it... (brownie points?) Anyways the basics i would tell to anyone that is new to Jagex's communication system is. 1. know that for right now Jagex doens't seem to care about what you think. 2. post something that will probably never be taken into consideration (have we ever heard of a player's idea making it into the game? Honestly there have been some pretty good ones..). 3. continue to log on and find all the lovely suprises they have in store for us. :) Sincerely, Fallacy
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