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  1. http://puu.sh/bzUo also OSHT tree bill is da capped total xp
  2. +1 here. Otherwise I wouldn't be bothering writting this post, for example. I felt so good when I found a better (best) route than foot/zarfot at PP, for example. Not because of who they are or because of being better than another person, but because of the fun of discovering something and because of the fun that Jebrim mentioned. No, that isn't even my goal. I don't need to personally know you to know what kind of person you are seeing as everyone else said the same things I was saying before. You also support Jebrim's philosophy, that's enough for anyone to judge you. @meetu Green is on a totally different level and again almost everyone criticizes her play style. I honestly don't care what she does, I was just pointing how weird and not understandable the things she does are. I criticize 1 person (just for giggles) wheras Jebrim does this to 99% of the RS population and seems to get mad about how they aren't doing what he is and calling their afking while training 'legal' botting, that's the difference.
  3. I guess you also find it fun to criticize everyone who plays differently than you.
  4. Dw I'll stop, however I can't talk about this in PM with him because atm I'm micro efficiency training the skill where you click on pixel broad heads then headless arrows then confirm. I have to do this perfectly or Zarfot might get very angry and smite me. I will share my secret micro efficiency fletching broad arrows method in 20 years when I achieve 1 trillion fletch xp.
  5. I liked the previous argument better. Lol, you can study the game all you and use all that 'knowledge' which in the end is just finding the fastest route and spam clicking on something in order to not lose a tick. We had those conversations with Gemeos and look how that turned out. I don't even care about micro efficiency, i view it as something pathetic and would associate it with you at once. I'll never do that even if I could because RS has turned into a sht gaem the past couple of years and it's hilarious that anyone would even bother to put in that much effort into this. Look what happened to Foot and Zarfot, both realized that it's not worth it and quit. What do they have? Zarfot said he gained nothing recently, and Foot gained a bit of RL gp and efficiency didn't bring him that. Dungeoneering? loldg who even does this anymore. Tens of thousands of fans? m8 I don't know where you get those numbers because I see you have more haters than anything else. Only you and your TMOA crew care about being 'micro efficient' while the rest of us are laughing and facepalming. You're calling me and all these other maxed players noobs because we play for shits and giggles now and certainly not to gain the maximum xp/hr or to be proud of doing 150 hour weeks, then brag about it? Ok man, guess I'm a noob who realized what has become of RS and how much effort really is worth to put into this game. You go on ahead and study RS, make mathematical charts/graphs or whatever the hell it is you do but don't judge the majority of us on the way we play. Gemeos V2
  6. First, don't even compare yourself to Zarfot who mastered every skill whereas you mastered 1 and just know the methods in theory of training the rest when you haven't tried them. Really, you're confident you can get the best agility xp after spending over 9000 hours training it? Man, I thought I had a bigger chance... It would be sad if anyone else could do agility better than you seeing as that's all you did for the past 3 years or so. Nothing to be proud of that you can train it better when you have 200m xp more than the other people who maxed it out. I don't even know why you mentioned that, no one even said they are better at you at it anyways L. I've seen Elias constantly online when he was racing to 3b overall and he told me he did 20 hour days. That's enough proof because I know for a fact he doesn't have a reason to lie about hours played, he's not proud off it like you and never showed of about anything. I can simply say I've talked to him on a daily basis for over 3 years and just know what kind of person he is, that's my proof. Again, he mainly just did crawlers so his gains weren't massive and it was hard to tell, sometimes he saved like 50 effigies and used them all up in 1 go, sometimes he'd use them right away. Things like that can't be determined by your Runestalker site.
  7. L it's all about records to you isn't it. Telmo couldn't keep up with Elias because Elias did do burst nolifing in those 2-3 months and just because he didn't have rank 1 records in the skills he was doing doesn't mean he wasn't getting a lot of xp. How could he even have them when he mainly did crawlers and opened effigies as he got them. Just because Sander and Dukky talk about efficient methods doesnt' mean they are even close to being like Zarfot, it's laughable of what you based that on, a few conversations really. Pretty much what Correct said, that's how the majority found out who you are.
  8. Yeah, let's just forgot all those screenshots about you talking how you'd want nothing more than to "fill a world with 2k noobs and Jmods" who will will praise you for your achievement. Oh, and can't forget the comments about not being rank 1 agility. If that isn't e-fame hungry then I don't know what is. Lol Sorbosander, I have nothing against him, he's a cool dude but he did 0 prestige suicide (w/o leech) for A LOT of his dg xp and you call him someone who cares about xp/hr. Also i don't know why you mentioned Dukky because he's a rather average maxed out player and can't be put in the same group as Zarfot and Foot. Got nothing against them, I'm friends with both of them but yeah just saying. You also forgot Elias because if Telmo was a nolifer then so was he. He averages 12+ hours the last year he played and did 20 hour days when he was racing Telmo for a couple months and he beat him. Where's Tezz? Guy plays as much as Suomi I'm sure.
  9. I think it's better to not get obsessed about 'achievements' because in the end when you quit or RS dies as a game it will mean nothing and no one will care. I never made a big deal of any of my achievements and I could quit now and not even care about getting comp cape or the 2-3 200m skills I'll have. I barely played the last 2 weeks, tried out Skyrim for a change but it's not really a long term game you can stick with. Just remember that RS isn't what it used to be and probably never will be, average people online are 50-80k whereas LoL has 500k at any given time and it's a new game. I wouldn't preach about your agility xp that much, you'll see why in 5 years or so.
  10. Didn't you always used to say that Lover Romeo wasn't nolifing when he went for 200m mining and agility? Yet he didn't quit/burn out so your theory about having to nolife for a slow 200m gets proven wrong there. I'm sure there are more people who played moderately (like 6 hours) or so a day and didn't do 12+ for those slow 200ms so yeah. I honestly couldn't care less about 200m in skills like that but I'm just saying that you don't need to dedicate that much time per day to reach that goal. You just need either motivation or to like the skill and you'll get there sooner or later.
  11. Exactly, that's why I said they could do the skills they enjoy now and in the meantime Jagex will undeniably make those slow skills faster just like they recently did with agility and the upcoming new RC method. It's just as if someone in RSC would go and say that no one will ever get all 99 except Zezima.
  12. He's not 'incapable' he just can't be bothered/doesn't care enough to train a skill that's boring to him and 99% of the RS population. ur the 1%
  13. Tezz could if he wants it. Jdela and Elvis show no sign off stopping and the latter keeps saying he won't quit. So any of those 3 if they continue playing, they can get it in 5 years for all they care but they'd still get to that goal. Just because Suomi is doing everything efficiently and plays 12+ hours every day doesn't mean that it's required to get 200m all skills, he'll just reach there quicker than anyone else. Oh, and also Green might in like 20 years lawl
  14. Why are you guys complicating these weekly updates so much L. There really should only be 1 more person besides A13d who does them granted Langer quit.
  15. Great charms, effigies, decent xp (well ok, only 32k/hr at the current off-task rates, ignoring dreadnips) and break-even... skip? Just because you don't get melee xp (except a little defence) doesn't mean they are a bad task. Charms don't really justify them as being good otherwise you could say the same thing for waterfiends which should be skipped. Effigies, meh the chance in getting one in 20-30 kills is pretty rare so again, no. Swithing to mage gear just for that is also a hassle and too much of an overkill. - skip
  16. Another auto skip task then. Great.
  17. Wasn't it Gloomy who had like 25-26m monthly? Think he changed his name though.
  18. eurgh, i tried that minigame today, it's terribly designed. nice to know there's decent xp to be gotten there at least. I just went there for the song np.
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