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  1. i dont know about the favor part... i like the idea but since favor changes on a daily basis i think it would be very difficult to calculate for example. player 1 goes every two days for 10 days so over that time period favor would be calculated at 99% average, easy right? player 2 goes that ten days with 1 day on, 2 days off, 3 days on, 3 days ff, 1 day on (as one of the more simple examples) the thing i would use this improvement for would be to estimate how much and what is most likely in my kingdom Before i go and get it so that i will know what im likely to have and what profit i will make if i take it out and sell it now. not future use of if i wait 3 more days and collect i'll make this much at what todays price is (3 days before collection). the easiest solution would be to have an option where someone can put how often (overall) they have been managing their kingdom (ex: every day, or every other day, or twice every 7 days etc.) and use the average percent of approval for that amount. it might not be exact but thats probably as close as it can come. i look forward to seeing this content added into the calculators!!
  2. Ive made suggestions before and they were met with approval so hopefully this will to. firstly, i dont know how updated your price list is in the items database and that may be an important part of the tip.it staff when deciding to implement this idea. now, on to the idea... i've looked at and used both the skill planner and the skill calculator on this site and find both of them extrememly useful. the one thing i would improve is the ability to know how much the materials would cost, or the xp/gp ratio. obviously this would be difficult for things like planks with nails due to the different prices on different naills and the fail rate involved, but things like maple logs, pyre logs (with an option/section for the pyre logs and an option/section for the ingredients assumming you are buying the exact ammount required for that type of log. ex. maple+3 dose holy oil, yew+4 dose holy oil), raw tuna or raw swordfish, iron ore, steel bars, etc. would be relatively easy (although i know it would be time consuming for the programmers). this way other players and myself would be able to not only choose material based on amount required but cost or xp per gp... this is something i would find very useful if it was able to keep up with current prices because it would cut down a lot of the time required for your users to look up the difference between yew and magic for example (it gets very time consuming when you are doing the calculations between 4 or 5 options by hand). if anyone in the forums sees any issues in implementing this idea or additions that would implrove it i would like to hear them. it will be useful to have another brain or two helping me smooth out the issues before the idea gets accepted or shot down. as a solution to an inability to have prices kept up to date (as i said earlier i dont know how updated the price list is from day to day) it would still be possible for users to take the prices from the RS GE page and plug them in to the different materials on the skill calculator (this is the one i think it would be most useful on) and have the page caclulate these stats. hopefully this idea gets a lot of support because i for one would really like it to be accepted and implemented into the site...
  3. also... i dont know if anyone has verified this yet but unless i poison the head of the tentical monster the rest wont get poisoned (using a dd+++). has anyone looked into this?
  4. i also have had a single stick lost in all the time ive played since the update. it is unlikely that it will ever happen to many players but it is still an Extremely Remote possibility. you could pretty much put it as a side note rather than a main part of a guide, but as ive said it is still in the game. given it is so unlikely that they might as well remove it entirely...
  5. i had to start a new section because i couldnt find a place to submit research on the update... heres what i have so far. seems like npc's can see ahead around lvl 80... exact lvl for each would be useful. will keep updating. [updated] easy/med "The nature spirit's grotto is this way, and it lookslike he's under attack!" *Douse fires in nature grotto med "There's a river this way and I can't see a clear way across it, I'm afraid." *Lasso swamp tree branch and swin across hard "Do you see that? There seems to be some sort of broken bridge ahead." *repair bridge (with zombie lumberjack and without) hard "Mot'ton is under attack and it doesn't look good! It'll be a tough fight this way into town." *fight shades med "Be careful if we go this way. I can see some things sneaking around." *fight nail beasts easy "That's the town of Mort'ton up ahead and it looks like it's in trouble. We should be ready to fight if we head that way." *fight shades hard "looks like we've got a fight on our hands if we head this way. I can see Filliman ahead and he's in trouble!" *Douse fires in nature grotto easy "Do you see that river down ahead that way? It looks like we'll have to get over it if we go that way." *Lasso swamp tree branch and swin across med "I can just about make out a graveyard down there. It looks like it could be an ambush" *kill skeletons easy "I can see some sort of vampyric creatures down there. They wont give in without a fight." *fight Vampire Juvinates hard "Nail beasts! You don't see them much these days. We'll be in for a big fight if we choose to go this way! *fight nail beasts hard "There's a nice-looking bridge this way... Well, it would be nice if we could cross it!" *repair bridge (with zombie lumberjack, without?) med "You'll need to be handy with repairs to head this way, if we are to cross the river" *repair bridge (with zombie lumberjack and without) easy "Oh no! I can see a fair few ghasts this way. We should be careful." *fight ghasts hard "There are some massive snakes moving around ahead; should be an interesting fight" *fight giant snakes med "Tread carefully this way. I'm pretty sure a snake slithered across the Myre in the distance" *fight giant snakes easy "It looks ike that nature spirit's grotto is surrounded by ghasts ahead!" *Douse fires in nature grotto med "The curse of Morytania is strong that way. There are vampyric creatures lurking ahead" * med "Watch out. There are spectral beings floating around that way." * fight Ghasts hard "Careful this way, too; it's a strange graveyard. I've heard that the dead still stir in the area" *kill skeletons easy "What in the name of Guthix is this? I can see injured people ahead this way!" *feed the people hard "Did someone order the snail?" *fight giant snails
  6. i do wonder what other users will think of it tho... is there any way to get user comments?
  7. YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its perfect!!! TY!!!!!!!!
  8. cant seem to see the new column yet but i will definitely be checking non-stop for the next few days!! cant wait to use it!
  9. waiting eagerly for this update and hoped to find out if you guys have gotten to this project yet... any info on progress (or place in the waitlist) would be Awesome!
  10. well it would tell you how close you would be to the next level after using your points/lamp so if you had 300 xp in ranging (example) and need a total of 400xp for the next level, your lamp (still an example) gives you 50xp then you would still know you need that other 50xp... it would help you know if you would be close to your next level rather then just telling you if it would make you level up or not. i've had to go in and use a calculator to find out if it would get me close enough to the next level that i thought it would be worth using on that skill and for high level skills this would be really useful.
  11. i just made an account specifically so that i could mention this idea. i am an avid user of the tip.it site and i always recommend it. one thing that i would find helpful in deciding where to place the experience i get from my penguin points and my dragonkin lamps would be if someone would put a new column on these calculators showing how much experience to the next level after using the points/lamp. i know it is going to be extra work for you guys to implement this if you decide to follow this train of thought but it would certainly help me and many of your other faithful users in deciding where to place their gained xp
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