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  1. On a side note, apparently right now the patch for the expansions is pretty broken. Some bugs like idle villager button not working and a lot of crashes. So maybe buy it now and wait for fixes before trying it out :P
  2. Got Age of Empires 2 HD with the new expansion released today. Looks great! They have a sale going on this weekend with the new release, HD and Forgotten empires 80% cheaper, the new expansion 20%. Might want to check it out.
  3. Jonanananas


    Have you read the Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss? Seconding this. Joe Abercrombie's The First Law trilogy is awesome character-driven fantasy as well (also obviously a Song of Ice and Fire is mindblowing but I figure at this point it's so well known you don't need it to be recommended lol). Also Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. I haven't actually read it myself yet, though I want to soon, but my brother heavily recommended it, and it has won just about every major SciFi award (Hugo, Nebula, Arthur C. Clarke and two or three more) so it has to do something right :P
  4. Started playing Age of Empires 2 (Conquerors) again. It's a load of fun. I'm amazed how much though they put into the mechanics given that it was created ages (no pun intended) ago. And I realized that I must've been a really shitty player in my youth. Well I still am, but at least I'm aware of how it can be done better.
  5. Jonanananas


    I'm happy to live in a country with strict gun control laws, though I see the problem in getting rid of the guns already in circulation. Dedicated criminals or perpetrators of a shooting that has long been planned will still be able to get guns, no doubt. But I think reducing the widespread availability will reduce the number of deaths. Be it deaths by accident, like a kid finding a loaded gun or arguments between spouses, friends whatever that are escalating, be it suicides or the teenager going on a school shooting with his parent's weapons. Guns aren't responsible for these deaths, but they make it easier.
  6. You get automatically charged when you go over your limit? Here the standard is that your speed gets throttled down ( to 32 KBit/s in my case) and you can either pay for extra data or just browse with the lower speed for the rest of the month. I have 200 MB data plus 400 minutes/messages for 10€. Only went over my limit once so far, the speed decrease wasn't even that bad (I usually don't watch any videos on my phone though).
  7. How does having a hangover mean you're not drunk anymore? Edit: Oh, I looked it up, apparently that's actually how it works. Interesting, I didn't actually know that. :P
  8. Jonanananas


    The first 4 episodes are out since someone leaked them. I have slight hopes I'll be able to access Season 5 legally - Normally that would require a 24-month subscription to PayTV for 17€ per month, so essentially 200€ per season as I can get everything else I want through Amazon Prime and Netflix. But there's HBO Nordic which has a monthly subscription, but I have to find a good proxy to use that. Else I'll have to use illegal streaming I guess...
  9. If you still have warranty for it, that'll be the best solution. Else you can open it and remove all the dust etc. to see if that helps. It can make a lot of difference
  10. Jonanananas


    I had surgery to close a hole in my eardrum on monday. Back home now, but I'm still slighty dizzy and there's a constant buzzing which can be annoying. And that hasn't changed since tuesday. It's normal, but annoying if you can't tell you're getting better. Plus I'm not allowed to wash my hair because I mustn't get any water at the ear... Also on tuesday there was a plane crash of a flight from Spain to Germany, 150 deceased. Now apparently they found out that the co-pilot locked out the pilot and crashed the plane on purpose due to psychological problems. It's horrifying to think about...
  11. A single selfie doesn't really say much... I'll say she's a muslim, who used to be like a normal woman her age (this is a photo from that time) but for some reason she started to radicalize, wearing a hijab and later a burqa and eventually emigrated to syria to join the IS. Probably dead wrong, but she somehow reminded me of a simlar story I've heard recently. And I don't really have any clue otherwise :P
  12. Jonanananas


    The last parts for my new computer arrived today (The last one was seven years old). First self-built computer too. So far it works fine :) Haven't really tested it out yet though, just installed the OS and a few programs. Should be quite a big difference to my old one :P
  13. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      +1 Agree! Hope you're having fun, more to be had in the Forum Games if you're not! ^_^

  14. Here in germany we usually don't have someone to do the bagging. The cashier slides it over the scanner, you bag it yourself. And tbh, I'm happy with that - A nearby supermarket had helpers for bagging, with a tip jar. Annoyed the hell out of me. Sure it may be slightly faster because I might not be completely done packing when the cashier is done and I need to pay, but we're talking about a few seconds. And I can't stand anything where tips are expected instead of a thank you for a good service that went beyond what's required anyway. Usually I'd use the lane where nobody was there to help with the packing, even if the line was longer...
  15. Jonanananas


    Maybe buy an electrical shaver? It won't be as perfectly smooth as a well-done wet shave, but it's pretty good if you shave every day, plus it's faster, usually cheaper over time and a lot nicer to your skin. I tried several different ways of wet shaving. Nothing worked for me, there would always be razor burns. Electrical shaving works much better for me. Might depend on your skin though.
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