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  1. And you are right sir! The story this picture was associated with was a story about her son being nearly taken by a pedophile driving through their hometown. Luckily the four year old son got away and she wanted to warn other parents in the area about this potentional danger. The local newsman however, or woman, decided to just go to her facebook profile and randomly pick a photo of her and put that, exactly that huge image too, next to the quite seriousnes in the story. Several readers reacted to that and has complained about it to the local newspaper... Some said they first (before reading the story or the headlines) thought the story was about; a blogger, a story about young and vain people again or "a paradise hotel participant story again" - absolutely not about pedophiles and babys! That is why my friend, who is going to college to be a journalist, wanted to test the image on to non-norwegians who wasn't influenced because they knew what it was about. They say a picture can say more than a thousand words. And shouldn't at least journalists know this? This particualr journalist didn't, or did not care. Sloppy work I'd say. It was very interesting to hear your opinions though and my friend says she is more than gratefull! :)
  2. That would have been logical wouldn't it? But nope :P
  3. Nope, but keep trying :P Just want to clarify: there is nothing wrong with the woman it self. Her image was used in a context that doesn't fit the story so to say. The woman her self is quite a normal, sweet girl =)
  4. I appreciate your weighing in! it doesn't really matter what is wrong answer or not, because what my friend need is your best guess-work based on the image its self. For instance: Would you think the image has been used in context with "small town flooded and more than 30 familys died", or: "The prices of gas will raise within the next five years" or "Girl found a new receipe for cupcakes". None of those is true though! Just giving examples :P And I loved your interpretation of the image! Could so have been the real story behind that picture.
  5. If you know what story the image is linked to, please don't tell ^^
  6. Hi! I wonder if you guys could help me in a survey? No job required on your parts, just a reply to this topic on what newspaper story this image could have been used in context with. I am doing a sort of experiement on behalf of a friend of mine who needs to hand in a paper on news stories and images put together with the story. It would be greatly appreciated if you could weigh in your thoughts! :) This is the image:
  7. Tim I love you! Gano, vamp aura, curses, ancients + arma staff saved the day! If I wasn't already happily married I would have proposed to you <3: Thanks my friend :)
  8. What weapons and armor were you using? Zammy hybrid (from BoL), arma staff, curses and ancients. Try something a bit more tanky? Like Ganodermics or Seasingers? Duh! I totally forgot I have Gano! #-o Thx I will try that the next log on! :^_^:
  9. What weapons and armor were you using? Zammy hybrid (from BoL), arma staff, curses and ancients.
  10. I dont understand how some of you claim not having to eat at all and also that the fights was easy? I have died numerous times now, especially to Hreidmar. He seems to tele away from me, leaving me stuck to fight his minions, and there is no help in 'trapping' him because that wont prevent him from summoning his handcannoneers! I am using ice barrage and abilitys but still he is able to both heal him self and boost his minions. I give up - this is to stressfull.
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