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  1. okay, what I want to know is: What were you doing when you got the freaky forester event and where were you? I want to know because I want to get the lederhosen clothes :oops: Also, maybe for other people's sake, post what you were doing when you got other rarer events (mime, frogs, drill demon, quiz show, etc.) Thank you.
  2. I gave him an irit and I got an agility pot I killed him and I got a mortar and pestle
  3. that horrible prayer drain damis gives didn't help my fight with the chicken... Those chickens are evil!
  4. fur stall in relleka: "around here, this is where you buy new doors" abandoned cart outside of relleka: "yup, this neighborhood is perfectly safe for travelers..." oh, and about that di-ck whittington thing, i did a google search, buttons do not show up anywhere, its actually a story about a boy who goes to london...
  5. monkey bars in brimhaven agility dungeon: I am king of the swingers, oh, the jungle VIP spinning blades in brimhaven agility dungeon: makes sliced human :| plank in brimhaven agility dungeon (you kinda wonder where i was hanging out today...) : Walk the plank, ya land lubber
  6. Wrong, you can burn them like a piece of charcoal (pretty much what a diamond is), but you need extreme heat. you cannot melt or mould them, nor can you do that with any other gem.
  7. lets see... I've smithed (made an awsome looking dagger/letter opener), I've fletched, I've cooked :lol: , I've fished (kinda hard landing 100 pound tuna), and I've farmed (rasberries, plumbs, chiles, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, lemons, and limes).
  8. how much is the cash prize im wondering?
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