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  1. No one would read it if it was just jumbled up with the rest.
  2. I was in the same boat as you last year (got my first 99 after 6 years of RS). I choose woodcutting, but it did took a lot of grinding. A month from level 80-99 wc with chopping ivy. Was boring as hell, and I probably won't get another 99 anytime soon.
  3. 100% unique reward might turn out to be a bad thing because the prices will drop and you won't make as much of a profit as you would like to. Thus, possibly negating the usefulness of the update and making doing TT pointless again.
  4. Back in my day, I could gain 60 combat levels in less than 2 weeks :)
  5. Pull all the levers in the room before the time runs out. I pull one, and get pwned D: The carpet in the middle is a safe spot.
  6. My highlight was making the only non-mod topic in the pika sub-forum
  7. A good solution: Couldn't find a more appropriate one..lol, so that would have to do
  8. You can summon 2 .....and then gotta wait for 30 mins >.>
  9. /me prays for skill. I think the skill is unlikely seeing as f2p had an update last week. Won't be expecting it for at least a month, probably more. Also (OFF-TOPIC): can anyone who is kind enough, please post this on their twitter: --- I pledge my allegiance to Golden Horde on Imperial Palace in the War of Legends strategy game, playable at http://[Censored - Don't use a URL shortner]/63CUL9 --- I know I shouldn't be doing this, but we have posted this on tip.it's War of Legends forum (which no one ever goes to). Golden Horde is the tip.it's unofficial alliance and RuneHQ's alliance (coincidently called RuneHQ as well) is getting their forum members to help them post. The alliance with most pledges gets upgraded to Level 5 (which is a very big thing for us). So, if you have spare time, please post that on your twitter. Thanks very much!
  10. I feel that I'm grinding only for the skills which I don't like (eg. crafting, and runecrafting) Farming does take a while, but if you actually do it in between skills (eg. using explorer's ring), you'll find that you'll eventually get the stones.
  11. According to the hiscores, your not banned. Stop being dumb and acting like your banned. let's see ... I'm not banned .... let's start with the forums ... YOU ARE BANNED Your user account T Fal has been banned from the Forums for breaking the rules in game. You will not be able to post on the Forums until this ban has ended or been lifted. hi-score still around ... but my adventure log ... nonexistence ... Your account has been banned. You will not be able to see your Adventurer's Log until your account is no longer banned. Click here to view the status of your account. following that link ... I get this Billing Home Welcome to the Billing Home page, where you can view your current credit status and manage your subscriptions. Your account is currently banned for violation of our Terms and Conditions. You may not purchase a subscription while your account is banned. If you wish to appeal your ban, select the 'Appeal an Offence/Ban' link from our front page. Go back to the main page. I could go on and on with screen shots and related pictures that CLEARLY show the word BAN in bright red ... but it's not necessary If you think you are innocent, send in a polite appeal to Jagex explaining in detail what you did for the past few days. Give as much information as you can and ask them whether you were banned for the bolt dupe or something else. Use powerful but polite words to grab their attention like "Possible Incorrect Banning". Never swear, curse or tell them they are blatantly wrong. Always be on the tame side you want them to even read your appeal. If you have responded the way you did in this forums, they probably won't take your appeal seriously (because most bug abusers who got band would be using very rude words at Jagex). From your response in this forums, we are all currently inclined to think that you have abused a bug. In contrast, more would believe you if you had spoken in a better tone. If you are found to be innocent, they will give you free membership as reimbursement.
  12. I'm starting to think that the leaks are intentional
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