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  1. I'd say give KO a shot, we have plenty events for you. As an inside look we're having a Wilderness Week here soon, we'll be in the wilderness in one way or another for a straight week and we're working on a Boss Hunting Week here too. Along with that we have the CJ tourny fights, our weekly non pvp events and any additional pk trips and wars we decide to do. We're stable, back on the rise, and have a great community and we actually understand people having a real life. Here is our recruiting topic with our contact information and everything more about us. If any questions feel free to post here, on our recruiting topic or sending me a PM. Hope to hear from you. http://forum.tip.it/topic/283969-the-knights-of-order-110-f2p-warring-clan-where-winning-is-a-tradition/
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