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  1. Hi man, long time no see <3: not much visiting the forum now and then
  2. never thought i see this clan again, man this brings back memories because this was my first clan i ever joined, but after almost a year i joined df
  3. i'm looking for a nice clan that has plenty of active events as well as wars,i'm returning after a year of not playing and when i heard free trade/and wilderness is coming back i'd thought i would give it another shot. i've been in manys clans sense i last played and i went by a few names, and those were rj13106/murgerjari. here is a list of some of the clans i've been in over the years ~ sacred x downfall dragonwood poison
  4. was a pretty fun war, but now we are 4-0, i feel a winning streak starting ^^
  5. i haven't heard anything about guthix warriors in a long time,i started to think they closed.
  6. rj13106

    CR vs Exo

    very nice win and lol at (don't f### with the raid)
  7. gratz ,and gl on the next round
  8. pretty sad on tnc part,but gratz on your victory t0 :mrgreen:
  9. gratz kcr,i see potential in you guys and i can't wait on reading more victorys from you guys. :thumbsup:
  10. very nice win dk,i hope to see more like this one.
  11. the wildermoon flames of fury team kenya
  12. still divine kings :P the war hunger federation and dv
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