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  1. Actually we were slapping the Anti DK alliance until you came crashing lol. Doesnt really matter, thanks for the fight(s).
  2. Actually to be completely honest i started in W17 as well and then went into W141. Thats where Derek recruited me into DK lol - Must i admit, joining was an awesome decision :thumbsup: This K0 unit you speak of, was it led by that demon dude?
  3. Lets not lie now though. Dk tends to only fight clans they outnumber. I do feel this will be short-lived as the attention that DK gets on rsc will not be mirrored here. We have competed successfully with all of the current top clans. Can we say the same about your clan? Sit down kid.
  4. Awesome topic =) I'm proud of Dk we have come such a long way! From having no teamspeak/forums to one of the best clans out there. Keep up all the great work Dk <3
  5. Since it will most certainly take place in Cwa i figured it would be in everyone's best interested to get some practice! Willing to accept matched opts, full outs, cwri's, or any kind! Main Ml: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=dk4life Irc channel: #Divine_Kings Msn contact: [email protected] Good luck if anyone choose to step up :thumbsup:
  6. You rushed us....and you got cleared in less than 10 mins. You hopped world to re-mass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn_VfZxCaI&feature=player_embedded No pic no proof Everyone here knows that you were cleared within 5 minutes. stop making fake topics :thumbdown: Take a look. at this vid. That's CR getting cleared...that's a fact. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn_VfZxCaI&feature=player_embedded We left because VR came, and we came back to hit you 10 minutes later and you all logged out :lol: Thats false because Vr was fighting Rot + Df at the time. And you came back and hit us while we were smacking Tr. Wait.....why am i arguing with some random clan hopper?
  7. Actually Tr we pretty much feasted on you all day lol. We killed you for hours on end including your returners - and all you did is stop the fight a total of 2 times? maybe 3 times? You also accused Trwf of "supporting Nh" and teaming with DK which resulted in them stopping the fight a little slower - but thats bad leadership decision and its a bit off topic so I'll leave it at that.
  8. VS So we massed up for about 30 mins once we heard many clans were out. Trwf, Tr, Rsd, etc etc. We left our massing world with around 55 on teamspeak. Rsd attacked us once but we were after Tr. Divine Kings starting: 150 Opts few more on their way! The Rising starting: 160 Opts The fight lasted a total of 3 hours. With tr regrouping across the map for the last two hours. I find it rather pathetic but yeah if you wish to donate to Dk its your choice :thumbsup: Sorry outlasting didn't work for you Tr :$ Pics of the fight: PH crashing: Joe: removed picture, can't have sites with autotalkers. Feel free to repost the picture with the link covered/hidden. Proof of Tr calling it off: Throughout the fight Fools kept popping in killing Dk members but as soon as i pm'd my best friend Wouter, Fools got cleared. Tyvm for the AC Trwf ansd Blasphemy also i think it was! :thumbsup: I died a total of 10 Times both leading and sniping. Also Ph tried crashing us as well and failed badly, but its no surprise seeing some Tr pk with Ph :rolleyes: Divine Kings ending: 180 Opts + few more returning The rising ending: None. Called it off ~Valery
  9. Upon hearing several clans were out ( Exer, Dh, Lf) We decided to mass up quickly and go smack them up. We started off with chasing Dh from dwarfs all the way down to Bh. Then after restocking we walked back up and thats where Lf rushed us. Divine Kings starting: 35 on audio. Lithuanian forces starting: 150 Opts. The fight went on for about half an hour with Lf having the advantage at the start due to numbers. But we quickly gained numbers and eventually Lf called it off. Exer and Ph were also killing returners targeting BOTH Dk and Lf. The fight was also very adventurous with Lf putting up an awesome fight. We pretty much fought at Gdz/gap/dwarves/ruins/everywhere else lol. Pics of the fight: Proof of Lf calling it off: Divine Kings ending: 45 on Ts. Had to hop to non-pvp due to Tt + Coll's allied pk rushing us. Lithuanian Forces ending: None. Called returning off. And to finish off the day, we smacked notorious back to single, again..... ~Valery
  10. DIVINE KINGS After our W32 pkri against several clans, in which we ended with 200 Opts, Tmc officials contacted Rob for a fight. We agreed on all styles no blast, 1h cap, and to team when crashed. Divine Kings starting: 180 Opts The Moon clan starting: 150 Opts? Pics of the fight: The pkri lasted about 15mins with our snipers ripping up Tmc's main pile. The fight wasn't exactly clean since some "Fi" pure clan decided to target Dk as well as Ph members. Divine Kings ending: 190 Opts + more returning. The Moon clan ending: None. logged off. After a quick ending pic, we heard KO was out pking for a change so we went and cleared them. They bailed right after we piled their fall-in leader. We managed to kill about 10 of them. Thanks for the fight all clans! Peaked at 68 on audio today with no prep. Keep it up Divine Kings :thumbsup: :hi: Video of the Tmc fight by Kwazy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inV1t1S153U ~Valery
  11. To correct your false statement. You only "defeated" us the first time when you had Tdd helping you. Why ask Dv for help when you were "winning"? Also, this is what we ended with when you logged out. Wheres your pvp world ending pic for round 2?
  12. FOR GAGA! We massed up at 4:00 Eastern 9:00 Gmt just for a pk trip. We left Our homeworld with 40 on audio after a 20min mass. After chasing Ph back to single and feasting on their stragglers, we heard Notorious had killed our scouts at Member gate so i went to scout ahead to make sure. The fight started with me luring Notorious into our main pile. Divine Kings starting: 120 Opts Notorious starting: 100 Opts? Pics of the fight: Halfway through the fight, Ph with their Tr buddies, decided to crash try to crash our pkri, which resulted in them getting cleared. Unfortunately by the time they were cleared, Notorious had the time to regroup - but it only delayed their defeat by around 5 minutes. Divine Kings ending: 150 Opts + more returning Notorious ending: None, logged off. Thanks a lot for the fight Notorious and thanks for spicing things up Ph/Tr. See you next time! ~Valery
  13. So we massed up at 3:00pm Eastern 8:00pm Gmt (our usual mass time) for a Pk trip. We massed for 25-30mins and headed up with 40-ish on Ts. We quickly hopped to W32 and found Ancient Fury dd'd at spiders. THEY RUSHED us and the fight quickly began. The lasted a total of roughly about 45minutes. Divine kings starting: 135 Opts. Ancient Fury starting: 125 Opts. Pics of the Fight: Divine Kings ending:135 Opts + few more returning Ancient Fury ending:50 Opts that walked down. Great work Divine kings and respect to Af for attempting to battle in F2p! Great work everyone! Personally had 3 deaths 2 kills. Edit: Video by Kwazy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf44unsrEHw ~Valery
  14. So we decided to mass at 3:00pm eastern 8:00pm Gmt for a pk trip. After massing for about 20 mins we headed out with around 45 on teamspeak. Gratz all Dk members today's pk was a blast ;) Divine Kings starting: 145 Opts Lithuanian clans starting: 43 on audio. We quickly found Lt [A bunch of allied Lithuanian clans pking together - amounting to a total of 50-ish on ts] and ended up fighting them for roughly about 15+ minutes until they were forced to hide at mossies and end their pk trip. Thanks for the fight Lt you guys did pretty good. ;) Divine Kings ending: 145 Opts [immediate ending was 130] Lithuanian clans ending: 30 Opts at mossies. Shortly after Tr rushed us with their 120 opts and ended up getting cleared fairly quickly :P Divine Kings starting: 145 Opts The Rising starting: 120 Opts We also ended up chasing Dh? to single. Not sure if they were in a fight or not. Didn't look like it. Divine Kings ending: 160 Opts The Rising ending: None. They hopped. Thanks for the fights all clans involved. We ended up fighting Tt for roughly around 30 mins after and decided to go p2p for a change. Edit: this is the last 5-10 minutes of the Tr fight: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2cok6km&s=6 ~Valery
  15. We decided to mass at around 3:30 Eastern Gmt 8:30 and headed out with roughly around 150 opts. We ended up peaking at around 210 Opts which is awesome :) Keep it up Divine Kings! Divine Kings starting: We quickly encountered The Natural Born killers who attempted rushing us but failed badly. After a few minutes they were forced to log out and bailed south. After feasting on Nbk we decided that it wasn't enough rune for Dk, so we decided to hunt the Lithuanian Forces who had an allied pk trip with Lfj + Harmony + Lm. Amounting to a total of 300+ Opts [i'm sure they can confirm it]. After roughly about an hour or two it got too late for Lf so they decided to end and got chased by us to Bh bank =) It also appears Fools were hitting Lf as well but they were killing anybody in sight. They were NOT targetting anybody specific. :P Divine Kings ending: 190 Opts + few more returning Lithuanian forces ending: 50 Opts at bh bank. Natural Born Killers ending: None. Logged out. We went to pay a visit to some clans after all this. Edit: which banner do you guys like better? Feedback is appreciated! ~Valery
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