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  1. Hi man, long time no see <3: not much visiting the forum now and then
  2. never thought i see this clan again, man this brings back memories because this was my first clan i ever joined, but after almost a year i joined df
  3. i'm looking for a nice clan that has plenty of active events as well as wars,i'm returning after a year of not playing and when i heard free trade/and wilderness is coming back i'd thought i would give it another shot. i've been in manys clans sense i last played and i went by a few names, and those were rj13106/murgerjari. here is a list of some of the clans i've been in over the years ~ sacred x downfall dragonwood poison
  4. was a pretty fun war, but now we are 4-0, i feel a winning streak starting ^^
  5. i haven't heard anything about guthix warriors in a long time,i started to think they closed.
  6. rj13106

    CR vs Exo

    very nice win and lol at (don't f### with the raid)
  7. gratz ,and gl on the next round
  8. pretty sad on tnc part,but gratz on your victory t0 :mrgreen:
  9. gratz kcr,i see potential in you guys and i can't wait on reading more victorys from you guys. :thumbsup:
  10. very nice win dk,i hope to see more like this one.
  11. the wildermoon flames of fury team kenya
  12. still divine kings :P the war hunger federation and dv
  13. blacknexus true ownage and echo of silence
  14. power Vendetta juniors and dragonwood
  15. - How long have you been clanning for?2 years - Since joining clans, how do you feel you have changed? eg: maturity, humour, knowledge etci think i have gained more knowledge from rs more when i first joined the clan world. - Who or what clan, if any would you say caused these changes?downfall taught me the basics of the clan world but i learned more advance andbetter ways from dragonwood. - Has any of these changes carried over into real life, if so, how?nope - If you could start over clanning again, what would you do differently?not being friends with amateurnoob. - Do you have any goal or ambition to do with clanning, if so, what?make a difference for the better in the clan world. - Do you have any regrets? quitting rs for 4 months.
  16. blitz Vengeance exodus and golden sun
  17. tarkforce legacy and noob incorporated
  18. downcoll team vendetta and team baby jebus
  19. clan seduction clan europe and the outlaws
  20. exodus fundation cancer and the sabre
  21. pure terror runescape rebels and wilderness guardians
  22. Dw's already calling it quits? Sad to hear. And no, Justin didn't call anyone. We ourselves were getting sniped the whole war by people such as H0tgun. sorry that you was mis formed but dw not any where close to retirement.
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