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  1. suomi has a 235m xp lead of jdela (currently number 2. tomorrow it will be tezz i think) is this a new record? dunno wich was the last highest, i thought 200m by gertjaars?
  2. it is around 400k per hour zmi is around 300k profit per hour and twice of the xp from graahking haha what a fail -.- in the past rc was the best cash making methods (of skilling) and was around 1,5m-2m (when graahk was new) thank you Runescape botscape
  3. runecrafting is more than possible, i don't think everyone of the top 22 is active at runecrafting. suomi only has fast skills left after rc. and he has most of the cash (he said) i think maximum 2 years (unless world ends 20.12.2012... joke lol) and he is all 200m, would look pretty cool :D
  4. langers weekly update (i just try it :P) 1. S U O M I : 3,15B xp (+50M). Suomi is running through construction with some nice gains and should achieve 200m in the coming 4 days for his 10th skill at 200m. Coming milestones: 200m contruction, 200m slayer. 2. Elias : 3,00B xp Inactive 3. Buyablequeen (previously Jdelacroix) : 2,91B xp (+13M). After another week of slayer and farming, jd reached 2,9b xp. she also trained some woodcutting. Coming milestones : 200M thieving and 200M farming (10th and 11th skill) 4. Telmomarques : 2,87B xp. Inactive 5. Tezz : 2,90B xp (+61M). Tezz reached today 200m ranged for his 12th skill and is now training prayer with nice gains. Tezz also reached 2.9b xp today and should reach rank 2 in the coming day. Coming milestones : 200m Prayer (for his 13th skill) 6. Elvis (previously Nintendo Swe) : 2,78B xp (+10M). after some fishing elvis went to cave crawlering Coming milestones : 100M str and 100M farming 7. Allar (previously Skiller - Aasiwat) : 2,68B xp. Inactive. 8. Drumgun : 2,72B xp (+70M).After a long time of cash making Drumgun is getting nice prayer gains in the past days and should reach 200m prayer in the coming 2 weeks, if he reach 200m prayer before tezz does, he will be the true master of combat. Coming milestones : 200m WC, 200m prayer (11th and 12th skill) 9. Zarfot 2,35B xp. Inactive 10. Kingduffy : 2,29B xp (+2.9M). Kingduffy slowed down a bit, but still smithing, he should reach 2,3b xp today Coming milestones : 100M ranged and 100M hunter 11. Paperbag : 2,16B xp Inactive. 12. Buyableking (previously Fubarscape) : 2,16B xp. (+14M) Buyableking reached rank 12 after nice gains from a bunch of effigies, he's still training at cave crawlers and reached 100m xp in ranged Coming milestones : 200M def (7th skill), and 100M HP 13.Green098 : 2,13B xp (7,9M). Magical Green is still training slayer the magical way, she also trained a lil bit summoning . Coming milestones : still nothing magical in sight 14. Kngkyle : 2,11B xp. (+3,4M). still training woodcutting slow. Coming milestones : 200M WC (6th) 15. Number1 boss (previously Fuberscape) : 2,06B xp (+7,4 M) Still training multiple skills, Coming milestones : 100M slayer and 100M herblore i know it is not that good like the originals one from langer, but i try it^^
  5. he said that he averaged 12 hrs a day and watching his xp gains it can be true because he averaged 9m xp in cons per day. and i think you can average 750k per hour (which seems really possible) i know the max is something around 850k xp/h but i don't believe that you can average this for 12 hrs so i think 750k might be possible. if he keeps this 9m xp/day average he should reach 200m cons in the coming 9 days :D
  6. I suppose he would get a lot of xp while killing cave crawlers for effigies + charms, hopefully that is enough to reach 200m att and defence. it is more than enough for 200m att defence, summ, range 200m he will do cave crawlers for rc 200m ;)
  7. it is a timwaste because you have to train slayer 200m xp without any combat xp gains...
  8. suomi might quit, because he hasn't any xp gains in the past 24 hrs
  9. that's strange no one had ever so much slow skills soo high, and he is also rank 1 overall :P that's really nice and you deserve to be there! keep going on! :P
  10. suomi openend all of his effigies and gained 4,7m xp in slay and 8m in other effigy skills he is only 5m xp away from reaching rank 1, early gratz! i don't know if he allready had it and just don't logged out yet, we will see, but he get it today i think :P.
  11. he said he wouldn't use a alarm or something, he sleeps as usual. :P congratz suomi on 2,9b
  12. oh really? so nobody know about mousekeys? Because you need 4 hands to PRO MOUSEKEY SKILL!!!!11!! so only a monkey can pro mousekey skilling!!!! hmghmg
  13. oh really? so nobody know about mousekeys?
  14. yes but he don't do cons non stop, after some hours, he went to herblore because his hand hurts^^
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