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  1. I found your profile, hadn't added you yet apparently, but I just fixed that! ;) Funny how I posted something here in January! :D

  2. Awe so mean to say all other top 15 besides suomi is nothing mentionable :c it's ok though I know it's a joke but I can see how a person would say that because Suomis 1st to all 200Ms seems more and more solidified as the days pass on ~Zrzu
  3. Thanks for updates both A13d and Superheat. Any news on Langer? ~Zrzu
  4. Hello again all, took me forever to reget the account for tip it. Anyways, have we any takers on Updates yet and in addition; Time left calculations? ~Zrzu
  5. crap accidently deleted again, I still have no idea how to work this site, may I readd?

  6. After lurking about 100 pages or so I decided to post again, Rs crashing >.>... Anyways-I was wondering how many hours do you think a potential new sill would add on to the time before all 200Ms in general. I mean skills are usually released in 2 year increments so more then likely a new skill released next year potentially. P.S. Ohi again S U O M I :P
  7. I guess I'm one of the few that really cares and wants rank 1 lol. Ever since I started this game that was my dream goal. I always adored Zezima and how much fame he got. I wanted exactly that. And after I got all 99s (before dung) I thought it might actually be possible since I was just learning how to flip just after I maxed. I caught on with it very quickly. So as I went for 200m cooking with sharks I started making billions so I figured I had a great chance at rank 1 since I could do the super expensive buyables. I slowly made my way to the top page with the cheap buyable 200m xp skills. I think I may have been the most dedicated and one of the all time fastest flippers of all time tbh. I was easily making 40-60m a day when doing 200m firemaking and fletching. I easily had enough money to get 200m prayer and herblore etc. Rank 1 was looking very likely! And I knew Gertjaars wasn't rich enough to get the super expensive skills. So I was almost sure I would get it. But then... dungeoneering decides to come out, which pretty much ruined this goal. Dungeoneering makes me want to punch the wall and cry irl. And it also ruined my motivation alot too for other 200ms. I slowed down a bit, but kept going anyway. I'm almost positive I would have achieved rank 1 if dungeoneering didn't come out when it did. I also didnt expect other top ranks to keep going at the pace they were, Allar and Drumgun for example, since I figured they didn't have the money for 200m prayer and herblore. And I knew that Allar wouldn't go for 200m range like I am right now since he enjoys slayer more. I enjoy training fast skills for the most part. It's not that I want to be hidden underneath the top overall page. In fact, I want it more than anyone. It's just that I just cant train dungeoneering. I hate it so freaking much. And I have no idea how I am going to get 120. Effigies maybe? Lol. Or if I can figure out a way to not die 5 times a dungeon. I do still want rank 1 very badly but just realize at this point it is most likely not going to happen. And I accept it. So instead my goal now is to get 200m xp in all skills. Sure I would still love to be rank 1 overall if I can get the chance to somehow, and get myself to do dungeoneering without wanting to cry about it. I don't even really play this game for fun. I play mainly for ranks and gaining xp. Which can be fun at times still which is good. It does definitely get tireing after awhile training the same skill for weeks and I do burn out, but I force myself to keep going. It's still definitely alot better than playing something like WoW or something intensely combat related, which I strongly dislike. My main aim from the beginning was to find something where I could try to be the best at it. I've come close, but not quite enough. But I've come so far so I will not give up now, and I never will. I will one day get all 200ms, I may not be the first, but I will do it. I never have any plans to quit unless I'm dead first. So let's hope that doesn't happen! I may slow down at times and take breaks but I would announce it if it were to be a massive break. But I never take massive breaks anyway :P I definitely expect Suomi to beat me, and I dont mind too much. He's a great person too as I am great friends with him in game. I wish people would lay off the trolling to him with the donations and other crap. He really is a nice person and cares about people. I am quite like him I would say except I have less motivation than him and can't pull off the hours he does and I can't concentrate perfectly on skills like him for that long without feeling like I want to kill myself. But we do both love skilling with a passion. So I love ya mate. <3 Hopefully I can be 2nd to all 200m skills. But we'll see what happens. Also I love to show off my hiscores and cash to people. I'm just a person who loves fans. The haters I don't like obviously but I try to change their viewpoint about why I do what I do. It makes me feel good about myself that I accomplished something so immense and had the attention to do the grinding required for 200m skills. It's fun getting spammed with trades at the G.E with people wanting to see my massive bank. It's very fun to know that they are in shock at how in the world I got my hands on all that money and wish they could have it. Lol, fun times. Not rich anymore though since there is no need to be, since I am basically done with buyables, after I finish 200m farming by the end of this year. Anyway, not sure why I wrote all this, but with the mention about how people feel about rank 1, I felt I needed to let this out, and how my view of this game is and how I like to play it. You can post your comments about my views positively or negatively. I'm all up for how people feel about this. Enjoy the long read. Amen for the best runescape player ever, as for dung you can manage 120 you're Paperbag I mean c'mon ;) suomi is cool to he's like my 2nd fav player nice to know you both are friends :S and, remember your quote (my favorite) "haters gonna hate when you're rich and brown" anyways, I wanted to let you know you are the best player ever in rs imo and I know you'll make it to all 200Ms. :)
  8. What's that got to do with whether one skill is slower than another. You can't calculate enjoyment or attention span so it's got nothing to do with it. This is is simply for arguing is X slower than Y & that summoning alone isn't the slowest exp/hr skill using the fastest methods available to each skill. lol slow doesn't mean that it's difficult, and you don't have to calculate everything
  9. well said I don't even disagree with that Ari, wth lolol. Though I shall question if the majority feels about it that way. Most people play for fun, not to max out/play for max efficiency etc. Also, when summon came out, older players had 99 cb's + possibly 99 slayer already, so yes summoning was the only skill that mattered to them (except for the people that care for exp beyond 99, which is not the majority). Oh right, and the new players - who is to say they will all do slayer/rock lobs? They are devided into groups, and not all of those groups includes gaining charms. Sw would be a good example. Vex - that's not thorough I'm afraid. Summoning (making pouches) = major exp gains = lots of random events, unlike rc. You have them when quite alot barraging rock lobs (random as soon as you bank), and you have them even more while pouch running. Speaking of banking @ rock lobs, it takes approx 6 mins to regear and get back to your spot (no exp gained during this). Oh and let's not forget the crashers and people messing up rock lobs spawns while doing the blood runs deep quest. Also, your blue charms rate/h is wrong. I aimed for 10 per hour but never made it - its 8/h at best. This is a classic case of robot calcs vs someone who has actually done it. Goodfight. <3: @cave crawlers: ....Okay, gotta admit - didn't think of those. Though we did sort of agree some pages ago that doing them longterm would be rather inhuman to keep up, no? The majority might view summon as a by-product, but the majority sure as hell doesn't keep up with camping cave crawlers for a decent+ amount of time lol XD So my blue charm rate is probably off by 0.5-1%, it's not like its a huge threshold, I even rounded the 103k summoning xp actual from those figures to 100k & rounded the 93 to 90k, so there's less than your 8 blues, but whatever I left a big enough threshold to allow for it to be rough, the calcs aren't robot calcs, they're designed with 5% leeway in mind, and yes your right, I haven't spent months of my life at Rock Lobs, nor am I trying to justify the time I spent there by trying to say Summoning is the hardest [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] Dat Math[hide] Anyway, re-gearing time is what, 6 minutes you say and a trip is what, 6-8 hours? Let's say 6 hours to make it easy. Subtract 1 minute opportunity cost from summoning xp per hour, @ 100,000 this is 1666xp @ 90,000 this is 1500 xp Now for Random Events. Let's break them Down. Types of randoms & their approximate time for completion. Let's assume you have an equal chance to get all randoms. They are also rounded for ease of calculation since if we are down to talking about seconds, stopping to your scratch your nose could be the difference between DA HARDEST SKILL IN DA ROONSCAPE and Dat ZMI. Let's also assume it takes 10 seconds to open your gift, get your genie lamp and spend it on the Respective skill. (Summoning or Runecrafting) We will also assume that on average, every 300k experience you will receive a random event. I think this is the accepted figure from being good fighted at Corp. The respective times are in seconds and take into account teleport/loading time - these are guesstimates, but if anyone feels they are inaccurate feel free to correct. Giles/Miles: 15 Drill/Demon: 60 Freaky Forester: 30 Kiss Frog: 15 Maze: 60 Mime: 60 Arnav Chest: 30 Quiz Master: 30 Sandwhich: 15 Evil Bob: 60 Prison Pete: 60 Surprise Exam: 60 Bee: 15 Evil Twin: 60 Pinball: 60 Gravedigger: 120 Pillory: 30 Abyssal Plane: 10 18 Random Events, equal chance at each. 45 Seconds average Random event + 10 seconds for opening etc. Now I think from 1 random event you get a knowledge book which is more XP than a lamp, but I think from another you don't get one, so we'll just cancel these out, if you really want to be that particular it gives us a 500 xp leeway. Anyway. 55 Seconds Spent at a Random Event once per banking trip at rock lobs since you cannot get them at waterbirth(I guess?) 1 Banking trip takes 6 minutes every 6 hours, so random events per hr at rock lobs is 1/6th of a random event, for hourly xp. So you are spending 9.1 Seconds per hour in a random event So 0.25% (That's 9.1 seconds out of an hour) of 100,000 xp at Rock Lobsters is 250 XP. If you were to spend your lamp of 990 exp on summoning once every 6 hours. Then that would equate to 165 xp per hour. In the time you spend in random events - you of earnt an extra, 85XP at rock lobsters. TLDR: The time and xp gained/saved is so insignificant it's up to you if you want to count it lol. Now turning them into pouches. We will take the charm %'s and apply that weight to see how much time you would spend running each type of charm since they give different exp values. Crimson Charm: 56% 1/1 Gold Charm: 28% 2/1 Green Charm: 13% 4/1 Blue Charm: 1% (Revised down from 2%) 1/26 Out of 3000 pouches that would be run in an hour. 3000 Blue Pouches = 2,346,900 3000 Crimson Pouches = 1,308,600 3000 Green Pouches = 463,200 3000 Gold Pouches = 261,000 Out of a Sample of 3000 Charms we can expect. Crimson: 1680 Gold: 840 Green: 390 Blue: 30 Now we add all the exp we would get from running these pouches. 887,928 xp. Assuming a random event every 300,000 xp Let's be kind and say you will get 3 random event's in this time. 55 * 3 = 165 Seconds spent in random events during that hour. Due to the 3 lamps that is 2970 XP 165 Seconds at Rock Lobsters @ an opportunity cost of 100,000 XP per hour is = 4500 Xp 4500-2970 XP = 1710 XP cost at rock lobsters per hour. Using a lower size rate of 90k, we will do the same calculation again. 165 Seconds at Rock Lobsters @ an opportunity cost of 90,000 XP per hour = 4050 4050-2970 = 1080 XP per hour. Now since per hour we only get enough charms for 6 minutes of pouching then we must divide these by 10 to give the exp for 66 minutes worth of Rock Lobsters. Therefore in the time it takes to convert 1 hours worth of rock lobster charms into pouches & do random events. at 100k = 171 xp at 90k = 108 xp So we subtract this & the banking random from our hourly rock lobsters rate. However the combined XP is around 200. This amount seems extremely trivial, but by all means count it if you like. TLDR: Rock Lobsters are still at least 89000-99000 xp per hour. Randoms at ZMI. @ 69,000 xp gained in 66 minutes. 4.34 hours per random event @ 300k per random. 1 Random every 260.4 Minutes. 55 Second random - @ 62000 XP per hour = 947 XP Lost from time spent in a Random. 990 Xp Gained from Random. 53 xp gained per hour + the 6 minutes, is 58.5 xp additional per hour. Again 3/5ths of nothing. [/hide] So after all that Rock Lobs are still 88,000 - 98,000 XP per 66 Minutes and ZMI is still 69,000 Exp per 66 Minutes So crashers and blood runs deep people would have to cost you at least 20-30 thousand exp per hour, not likely. Good fight Here is a classic case of someone trying to justify months spent of their life doing something the wrong way in order to pursue self-gratification by being number 1 on the highscores, then advertently trying to claim it's the hardest skill in Runescape. Your turn. there is no wrong or right way to play runescape, you do what you want period and I don't think it's for self-gratification, He's just stating what he thinks and personally I think since he's the only one that has maxed summoning he's the only one that can really know how it was for him personally
  10. I think rather then analyzing effieciency you also should calculate some sort of median of playing time, if given as drumgun made a good point
  11. What a stupid assumption, although not surprising as it is typical for a comment like this to be made by someone that doesn't really know much about time management apperantly.
  12. I would like 200M Agility and, to be maxed as well ;)
  13. I agree with Drumgun 100%, there are many great Runescape players that (in my eyes) don't get enough recognition for their great achievements and, I think people have no right to critize people that are this much further ahead then them. In all honesty if people took all the work they do to find somthing wrong with a top player their gameplay would be much better. For example, I hear things about Paperbag not making it to 200M all stats all he has is buyables etc. sorry I don't agree, and I will never agree and it's not due to ignorance. Some may argue he only has buyables...So what he still had to make that money and do what ever time it took to achieve his 200Ms; if buyables are so bad go get some yourself then put yourself down despite your work. Further more, people can't count someone with all buyables out because you have yet to give them a chance to train the "hard skills". As for people calling Drumgun inefficient; whether you like it or not he's a great player and he get's his xp and he does it well. The way I see it instead of counting people out on their goals focus on yours. Just to make a point all these people that Multi skill for a hour then stop and think they are so efficient, when they don't even play like that 1/100 of their gameplay. If you do this you aren't efficient and just trying to fool yourself to think you are, best method to play Runescape is the methods you excel at first in the long run you get there faster and won't burn out. Anyways, this is just my opinion sorry if it was harsh, cheers :)
  14. If you were wondering why, im RS username is Zr. ;)

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