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  1. Comparing barrows to Ancient armor is a little inaccurate. Ancient armor is 10x what barrows costs to repair. Nevertheless, I suppose if you have 600m to buy a full set, then paying 6m for repairs is nothing to you. This armor could drop to 50m, and the repair expenses would still be a joke. Chaotics supposedly cost 200k/hour to maintain, but everyone who has used chaotic knows that isn't anywhere close unless you spend 10 hours in multi combat constantly taking hits without hesitation. There's an extremely rare amount of instances that occurs. Even at 10x the repair cost, the amount of extra money you'll get from the much, much longer trips more than exceeds the expense. That's not even counting situational difference gains, like the difference between winning and losing a pvp fight.
  2. Degrading is overblown; I used Barrows since release for slayer/bosses/pvp. Even when I got Bandos, I still used my barrows armor for boss soloing and pvp mini games. Torva though, is just on a whole other level of superiority. It's dumb to say it's "not worth it" or it's "a hassle". Pro's: 1. Highest defense bonuses to date, save for a couple being lower than statius. 2. Same strength as Bandos. 3. Small prayer bonus 4. 400 LP boost, which is the biggest selling point. It's not only more difficult to be knocked out, and not only do you get 400 more LP before a fight, but brews/unicorns heal more! Brews boost health by 17% at 99 constitution No torva: 990 LP= 168 LP x4 = 672 LP per brew Torva: 1390 LP = 236 x4 = 944 LP per brew 944-672 = 272 272 LP x 30 brews = 8160 8160/672 = 12+30 = 42 Who wouldn't want 12 extra brews worth of health on a typical GWD/nex trip? Or even for dangerous pvp/pvp mini game warring, as it's quite difficult to die in the first place. If you add a unicorn stallion to that, you get even more healing! The only drawbacks are degrading, how can you be that stingy anyway?
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