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  1. The fire runes alone to charge the staff are 600k, then another 90k for the spores, and at least 100k for the stick for a minimum of around 790k, but more realistically around 850k. Polypore Spores can be purchased for a much lower price than their G.E guide price, due to it being an extremely common drop in the Polypore Dungeon. After Pking a Polypore Staff which had 2.7k charges remaining, I removed the Spores. So I received around 1.3k spores and a Polypore Stick, even at 10% below, both would not sell. However Fire runes are on a rise, but currently very unstable. But trust me, I don't know if people are plain stupid, but I've seen people on the Forums buying for 400k and others selling for 1m...
  2. Guide to Super Effective Polypore Staff Pking! Hiya guys~! With the new Polypore dungeon update, Jagex has given us a high power staff to wreck havoc amongst the poor population of Runescape. Upon the release, Jagex decided to unveil their newest magical staff; the Polypore Staff. Now at first even I was a little skeptical about this new staff, but then when I bought the staff (only 4 hours after release) I screamed in joy and started devising new tactics to pwnt the remainder of the Nooobs in the wildness. :D jks... At the time of this publication, the Polypore Staff is currently worth 700k, but with some bargaining, you can get it for 500k or lower. Now enough chit-chat, now to the real guide; read on! Now, I will just simply list the requirements to effectively pk with my techniques: ~96 Magic ~70 Defense ~160+ combined Attack and Strength level ~45+ Prayer level ~willingness to risk 8 million Gp+ ~Fast reactions and non-chubby fingers... jks. ~Determination! ~All Spellbooks unlocked (access to Lunar and Ancient Magicks.) Now keep in mind these are the barebones minimum levels, higher? Better. Most of you after reading the topic description should realize that I am incorporating the usage of the level 96, Lunar Magicks spell, Spellbook Swap. So for those of you who do not know what this particular spell does, here is a quick briefing. The Spellbook Swap spell is used to switch spellbook from Lunar Magicks to either Ancient Magicks or the Normal Spellbook. For those of you who do not understand the significance of this fact, well here you go; Spellbook swap= Teleblock, Ice Barrage, Vengeance and Disruption Shield all in one Spellbook! But there is a downside, when you cast Spellbook Swap you only have 2 minutes to cast ONE spell from your chosen Spellbook Swap. e.g, if you cast Spellbook Swap and choose to switch to Ancient Magicks, you will have 2 minutes to cast ONE spell in the Ancient Magicks Spellbook. Okay then, you should be able to pk uber effectively with a set-up something like this; Note that the following items can be substituted for the following, in order of best to worst: Special Weapon= Armadyl Godsword > Dragon Claws > Korasi's Sword > Dragon Dagger (p++) > None Also note that it is better to use Ganodermic Armour for this setup, but I do not have 85 defense :( Technique! I'll do this step by step; Step 1; Enter the wildness, but first drink one dose of the following (in order!) Saradomin Brew > Sanfew's Serum (the one above prayer renewal) > Super Attack, Strength and Magic > Prayer Renewal Immediately put Protect from Range on; the reason why I use Protect from Range over Protect from Meele is that you can out-eat Dragon Claws Special Attacks easily if you have good reactions. But when someone uses Dark Bow or Hand Cannon Special Attack, its almost impossible to out-eat them. Once you have drank all the potions and activated Protect from Range, use the Spellbook Switch and switch to the Normal Spellbook. Step 2; When you find a suitable target immediately Teleblock. Then this is the trick: it is almost impossible to utilize Spellbook Swap in the middle of combat, so what I do is; spam click like crazy on Spellbook Swap spell and spam PRESS 1 or 2 on your KEYBOARD. Since the new update, when Jagex made it possible to control preferences with your Numbers on your keyboard, this has been soooooooo much easier. Back on track, so spam Spellbook Swap and 2 on your keyboard, you should now of changed to the Ancient Magicks Spellbook. Immediately cast Ice Barrage on your fleeing victim. :D Step 3; If your first cast of Ice Barrage splashed, you can try to cast Spellbook Swap again and swap to Ancient Magicks, but if I splash the first Ice Barrage, I don't bother again because they would be too close to the Wildness Ditch. Once you have successfully frozen your target, attack them with the Polypore Staff attack, carefully count how many seconds have bypassed since the victim first got frozen. Sometime during the 20 seconds, cast Spellbook Swap again and choose Ancient Magicks to swap to. Step 4; When 20 seconds has elapsed, and they start moving, BE PATIENT! If you Ice Barrage them too soon, the freeze effect will not take effect! Wait for at least 3 seconds (1 Polypore Staff attack) and attempt to Ice Barrage them again. Use your special attacks weapon's special attack as often as possible! :D Repeat from Step 3... Random notes and tips: ~The max hit of the Polypore Staff attack is around 540, although here is a formula to calculate your maximum hit: Maximum hit (without the 13% magical damage boost) = 5(Magic level) - 180 ~Wearing Ganodermic is very effective for this technique; as you are very well protected against meele slash attacks, while still retaining a high magic bonus. ~Instead of wearing Ahrims', some people prefer Grifolic armour. ~This guide did not incorporate the usage of Disruption Shield, however if you have painstakingly unlocked this Spell, use it! ~Wearing an Arcane Stream necklace is crucial!! ~NEVER EVER fight hippy rangers! (e.g; Black D'hide, Rune C'bow, switches to the Dark Bow 300-250, KO...) ~When under attack never panic! It is also useful to have auto-retaliate on, to identify the direction of your attacker. ~In the picture, I am wearing an Explorer's Ring 4, might be nooby, but it gives a pro +1 magic attack bonus! :D Win win! ~Lunar gloves are underrated. The reward from the Lunar Diplomacy quest, they provide a much cheaper alternative to the Infinity Gloves, with only the sacrifice of one magic attack bonus! ~If you are concerned about your meele defense, wearing a Blessed Spirit Shield or Dragon Square Shield is a very good substitute. ~ If you have access to any B.O.B (Beast of Burden), such as the Bull ant, Chicken (Terrorbird), Wartortise or Cow (Pak-Yak), fill 'em up with goodies! (Don't even think about using a Horny Snail...) FAQ: Agh! I am failing my Spellbook Swap switching and everything! Well, you should really first practise at the Duel Arena with a friend! If you don't have any friends (...), the safe portal in Clan Wars is full of enthusiastic victims! How I got so used to the switching was actually that my friend (Spec Spice, rsn) was really into Hybriding, so we dueled everyday (wasting up to 200+ sharks a day...)! What happens if I splash my Teleblock? You can easily Spellbook Switch again and cast Teleblock again! It is very rare that my first Teleblock spell splashes, even rarer to splash again the second time! What Prayers do I use? The best Prayer book to be on is the Ancient Curses Prayer Book, although requiring 92+ prayer to utilize it efficiently, Ancient Curses are much better than the Normal Prayer book. However, some people have questioned the use of "Soul Split, Leech Magic and Leech Defense" against "Augury and Smite". While I do not have personal experience in the former, various sources had led me to believe that Augury is not as good as it really is. So, if you have access to Soul Split, use it! Taking into consideration that some player do not have 92 prayer or 77 dungeoneering, Mystic Might along with Steel Skin is very good :D! Afterword, thank you for finding time to read my guide and I hope you guys have enjoyed my very first guide :D Constructive criticism is welcome :D
  3. I'm currently reading 'Desert Spear' by Peter V. Brett, also reading 'At the Gates of Darkness' by Raymond E. Feist
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