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  1. I have 2 questions: 1. When the wilderness was taken away a few years ago, many of us skillers became accustomed to the relative safety of travelling in the wilderness. Revenants will range and mage but they don't barrage or gang up on you every time you run to the lava maze or to the mage arena. Usually, if you have some food, anti poison and can run fast enough, you can escape them. My question is, will you make safe worlds for those not interested in risking life and limb in the wilderness like you did with the pvp worlds? Will there be a place for skillers in Runescape? 2. After free trade was stopped and the GE was introduced, it took us a while to get used to the idea of trading items in the GE. Some of us abuse it but most of us rely on it to make money and sell our resources. The market goes up and down and most of us are used to the daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly ups and downs of the GE. Free trade will definitely ruin it. What steps are you taking to ensure the market wont take a nose dive on Feb 1 2011? Will the free trade be unrestricted? What about players with high quest points, tasks and other Runescape achievements? Will that not matter anymore? Thank you
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