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  1. Hey I've got these questions about the wildy: 1. When the old wildy come back, how are you going to deal with drops? What I mean by this is are you simply going to get what your deceased opponent was wearing/holding, or will you have a chance of getting items they did not have on them. E.g; my opponent is wearing full rune, I kill him, do I have a chance of getting dragon plate legs or even just a black d'hide body? 2. You say your going to relocate revs and mini-games/quests that are located in the wild, when you say this, do you mean create a new land, (e.g an island,) for them or are you perhaps simply going to move them to somewhere already known on RuneScape. But let's face it, were hopefully not going to see revs patrolling the streets of lumbridge are we? 3. How are you going to prevent people abusing the item lending option, to simply get a free weapon that may cost millions, (e.g dragon claws/ any godsword,) and kill players who actually have to buy there weapons. For example; you are lvl 75 (approx.) with level 60 attack, strength, defence and hitpoints. Now not many level 75's have 25 mill, to my knowing, to spend on d claws. Now lets say you have these two players. Both level 75 with 60 attack, strength and defence; one bought a dragon dagger for around 30-40k. The other borrowed dragon claws for a couple of hours. Now obviously the player with dragon claws has a clear advantage. But now lets say the player with the dragon dagger, unbelievably won the battle. What has the d claws player lost, nothing, but if the dragon dagger player lost then he may of lost something he had to work for. Now this is an extreme analogy, but I'm sure you can see my reasoning? 4. When the old wildy come's back will a player always keep his 3 most valuable items if he dies from a Pk, or will he loose everything? Will you go back to the old skull method, where unless a player ATTACKS another he or she will keep there 3 most valuable items? 5. Finally, I would appreciate, (if you not doing so already,) that you will write the full laws of the wildy in an article, so player's know if they will loose all there items, keep there 3 most valuable ones, etc... I have these questions about free trade: 1. You say there will be unlimited trade, but then how will you be able to know when players are using gold generating bots, and giving them to other accounts? 2. Are you planning on keeping the g.e's max and lowest price? I think a good system would be to keep these, so players have a guide line on how much to buy/sell for, but they can be bypassed, so if the max price for a weapon is 50k you can click the max price button to get to that amount, but if you wanted to sell it for 60k, you still have that option? 3. Are you going to find a new use for quest points? Because once free trade come's back they will be useless in that sense. I think it would be a nice touch to give them a new meaning. I'll leave that open for you guys to think about. Thank you very much for reading my questions. =) From, a dedicated member. P.S are you going to do anything with shop stocks/ prices. I would love to see the shops back to their former state where there would be an unlimited stock of that item and the price doesn't rise!!!
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