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  1. Firstly, I am interested to know how many of the accounts were created just for voting purposes? I know that there were a lot of people creating new accounts and voting more than once. My reason for this is, PVP is similar to the old wildy and over the years, I did not see those worlds crawling with a lot of people. So why, all of a sudden is the vote overwelmingly in favour for the wildy? Secondly, why cant the wildy just be created in the PVP worlds? If those worlds become over crowded, add some more. I know that a few of the D&Ds will be removed from the wildy but what will happen to those that wont be removed? Are the people that do not want to risk things (that play the game alone and are not in clans) going to be disadvantaged because they cannot complete their clue scrolls, etc? Thanks,
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