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  1. "You" is refering to "Jagex" 1) Are you still keeping G.E? Or will the oldschool trading come back? 2) Will the trade window still say "100000" wealth transfer to me/you etc, Or willl you bring back the old trade windows? (No blinking stuff when you remove an item and such) 3) How can you be so sure that RWT, Luring and scamming wont be a problem? 4) How will you handle botters, scammers, lurers and RWT'ers? 5) Will wildy be as before, in every world? 6) When somebody dies from a monster, will nearby players be able to pick up the players items? 7) Do you regret making the changes in first place? 8) How many players did you loose after making the trade limit, wildy changes? 9) Will duel arena and unlimited staking come back? (Please say yes ....) Best Regards Zz_Merch
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