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  1. Even when we had limited trade the problems remained so what would happen if jagex desided to sell rs gold for real money? Yes im aware that it will never happen but could it be a way to fight of RWT? I like to point out im not for RWT, i dont bot and i have never bought money either, like all of you i would like a solution to the problem. I only mentioned this to hear what all you great minds can come up with both god and bad sides. :)
  2. For the skillers point of view i would like to know what will happen to the abyss runecrafting since pk'er are alot more powerful now then they were back in 07. Will it be relocated or perhaps make the ditch go up around the mage, leaving it at the same place but OUTside the wildy? If it gets relocated please make it so banking wont be to annoying :)
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