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  1. When you first get the boost it won't last for 1min but more like 15-20sec so immediately log out so you don't lose it. :P I used 3 doses, higher chance to get a higher boost iirc.
  2. ^Yeh i knew about those three drops, read it on here, that's actually the only reason i want to dung with you. Gimme a BN then GTFO. Just kidding ofc :D
  3. Who is on the banlist, other than Low_C and Jediace? jedi ace isn't banned, he just stopped dungeoneering Such a great use of a hexhunter bow. :/
  4. Nvm Edit : Answer to message under here : Dung is definately worth it for the rewards you can buy with the rokens you get. Chaotic Rapier is a whip on steroids. Maul is the best crush wep. ... Then you have scroll of life (10% chance to get back a seed when harvesting ur herb patch) And lots more.
  5. There's no night for everyone at the same time. >.<
  6. If you want a good approximation of how many dragons per hour - you need to tell us: a.) the gear you are using (he uses rapier, i guess with d def, d boots, barrow gloves, the rest doesn't really matter) b.) your levels c.) turmoil/piety (l2read) d.) yak e.) overloads or extremes? when are you repotting (l2read)
  7. It's crowded now, a couple months ago you had plenty of free worlds. But yeah... bots... Cannon improves kills/h by a ton i usually get around 150 kills/h with extremes, rapier, turm & wart tort. With a yak it's like 190-200 kills/h i heard. This is in ideal circumstances.
  8. Yeah he really deserves it, pro keyer :D Congratss :)
  9. very helpful guide, thank you ! :)
  10. I always link this guide to newb dungeoneer friends. It really helps them out, very nice guide ! :)
  11. This. And as long as you do what ur told to by the keyer and respond fast u'll be fine. Try a couple floors, u won't regret it, all a bunch of nice people. :)
  12. Something alike already exists, you can find it somewhere on Grimy's forum iirc.
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