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  1. How much money did you start with? Its a pretty great time to quit anyway, because of bf3, mw3, saints row 3, skyrim, hitman. etc Just take a pick of a game that takes your fancy and yeah :D Youll never think back to rs battlefield 3 is what I'm going to quit for. I quit for Dragon Nest. :thumbup: Very fun game. I never even went back into Runescape the moment I started playing it. Semi-quitting RS for Gears of War 3, Quitting life in general for Skyrim. <3
  2. So, I had completely quit since the Refer-A-Friend update, but I decided to log on about an hour ago for these last few hours of Bonus Exp. Doing herby and have gotten quite a few levels but I still think I won't play very much as life without a Chaotic is sucky and I hate Dungeoneering :(
  3. Are supplies still dead cheap? I was thinking about coming out of hiatus and getting 89 herby. :)
  4. At first I was like "Hey, it'd be stupid of Jagex to leave this higher exp rate in when this is not the way Agility was meant to be trained", and then I remembered Runecrafting. :trollface:
  5. Me too, Suomi. I haven't decided if I'm going to quit yet, but if I do, I can't think of anyone better to give my bank value to. :)
  6. He has probably been asleep since it was announced. Oh that's right, he's Finnish. It's about to be 7:00 AM there. Well, he should be waking up soon I suppose.
  7. I'm worried that Suomi hasn't given his two cents yet. I'm curious as to how the top man in runescape is taking this update. In other news, I may quit. Dead Island on September 6th, then Gears of War 3 on September 20th, Sykrim on 11-11-11 and then I play that until I die.
  8. I'm very curious as to how Suomi is taking all of this. :/
  9. You know, I support Jagex in a lot of things they do. I didn't have a problem with Ornate Katanas, afterall, it's cosmetic only. I didn't have a problem with loyalty points, afterall, we all start out equally. But this. This is disgusting. This honestly made me lose faith in them.
  10. Think I'll just go do this for fun right now :)
  11. Horrible skill is horrible. Just wanted 80 cause 80 is sexy. :)
  12. ss>dscim w/ defender, if you don't know what your talking about, dont post in H&A. "If I remember correctly" implies doubt; you don't have to be a [bleep] about it. Could you at least check before you post if you aren't sure? It's a lot better to spend a minute checking than to accidentally give misinformation. I will in the future, but that doesn't excuse his rude behavior.
  13. ss>dscim w/ defender, if you don't know what your talking about, dont post in H&A. "If I remember correctly" implies doubt; you don't have to be a [bleep] about it.
  14. I really enjoyed the first and last articles. The second..eh, not so much.
  15. This link should answer all your questions: Warrior's Guild You should look into the "Animation Room" option of getting Tokens as that was the easiest, atleast in my own opinion. :)
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