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  1. Stats update - Individual skill Xp - Prayer [hide][/hide] Thank you.
  2. Stats update - Individual Skill XP - Magic [hide][/hide] Thank you.
  3. Stats update - Individual skill XP - Cooking [hide][/hide] Smithing [hide][/hide] Thank you.
  4. Update - Individual skill XP - Magic [hide][/hide] Thanks. :)
  5. Update - Individual skill XP - Firemaking [hide][/hide] Cooking [hide] [/hide] Smithing [hide][/hide] Thanks. :)
  6. Update - Individual skill XP - Prayer [hide][/hide] Runecrafting [hide][/hide] Woodcutting [hide][/hide] Smithing [hide][/hide] Thank you. :)
  7. Time to update - Individual skill XP - Woodcutting [hide][/hide] Smithing [hide][/hide] Thank you. :)
  8. Time for yet another update this month. :) Other skills - Woodcutting [hide][/hide] Smithing [hide][/hide] Firemaking [hide][[/hide] Cooking [hide][/hide] There, that took some time. :P Thank you. :)
  9. New years update - Other skills - Prayer - [hide][/hide] Smithing - [hide][/hide] Wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year 2013! Thank you. :)
  10. Here we go, my first post-EoC update! Individual skill stats update as well - Prayer [hide][/hide] Firemaking [hide][/hide] Cooking [hide][/hide] Thank you as always, Slaya and have a prosperous weekend ahead, people! :)
  11. Update - Decided to knock my way in to the rankings for firemaking! As everyone is aware, EoC is just around the corner. This is such a massive update for RuneScape and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it. Here's wishing everyone a joyful and prosperous one! Thank you. :)
  12. Another feather in the cap! :) Update - Thank you. :)
  13. Did you ever observe to whom the accidents happen? Chance favors only the prepared mind. -Louis Pasteur Best wishes on the marvellous achievement. Never knew accidents were so productive... If they indeed are similar to the one you had, I wouldn't mind encountering them everyday. :D
  14. Truly astounding. Best wishes on the epic achievement, 3008jasper!
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