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  1. Hey guys! Been so long ago :( Just came here to announce that I'll be playing again soon, I'm missing my friends wayy too much! :P Havn't really been playing runescape efficient xp-wise like I used too for about 5 months, and I'm missing it so much. Imo the fun thing in runescape is the "efficiency"; I loved to key for Suomi and Elias, Squall TG, Aus James(my pink boots friends, and the rest ofcourse ;p!) at max efficiency and we had so much fun together. But yeah, going from a overall rank 12 to 28 isnt that motivating to return. But not beeing online for a month has helped me alot with some situations irl. Playing 15 hours a day does causes troubles in reallity, and its something like living in a bubble, where you don't see the troubles around yourself. That doesnt counts for everybody ofcourse, just wanted to mention that theres nothing better then excercising sometimes, or taking a little break to enjoy runescape for the whole 100% again. On the 26th when they installate internet at my appartement i'll be playing again :P @S u o m i, I found your intervieuw really nice to read, and there was many cool things to know about you, I know you didnt have a easy time to make it, as you came up with new things constantly, but hey, nicely made :P @everybody else who's reading this post, Can't wait to have fun with ya'll together again! Runescape wouldn't ever been a nice place as it is now without all off you!
  2. http://forum.tip.it/topic/280097-wip-effigyscape/ Part 5 should help you quite a bit. ADDY KITE SHIELD POWER :thumbsup:
  3. Rofl yeah Langer, I had Erw J behind me trying to kill me with his clan when I tried out the revenant dungeon. the revenant dungeon isnt any good imo, getting 50xp for a 400 hit makes its so pointless, and the drops seem to be rare. anyways I didnt die! :thumbsup:
  4. Agreed Agen. I also didn't come here to reply to his crap or to troll anybody, I just wanted to give my point about all the skills to 200m exp, the point of this whole topic, but then the people who dislike people giving their fair opinion about it need to make fake facts and start to troll, sigh.
  5. Hello Mr Makavela Aka fail troll/e-thug who loves to annoy high ranked players. :grin: My question to you is why you love to call me an idiot for putting my cannon in the abberant room when you clearly didn't have one up, if you concider this as crashing, then 99% of the people reading this crashed somebody allready, when I think for example about Daganoths. I also wasn't claiming that I found Drumgun an exp-waster with his girlfriend, I was giving my opinion about the fact that he sometimes goes to soulwars with her to play some games, apparently this isnt 100% efficient for him as he has all 200M combat related stats, but this isnt needed... & isnt even related to wasting time, perhaps you should try to find out what "exp waste" means; it shouldn't be hard at all with 417,533,893 overall expierence(read up above for an example About "EXP WASTE" if you need confirmation again). I am also wondering why ur offending Drumgun with the term "online girlfriend" you clearly don't know what your talking about, as this is totally not true, lol. Also I am wondering what you know about me besides my expierence, why would you make up crap like this from me aswell? this clearly shows you love to troll high ranked players. Anyways, theres several people reading this that expierenced crap from you aswell, so im not going to respond to your immature crap anymore, feel free to write me a responce, but trust me, it's not going to improve how you feel about yourself, I'm pretty sure you must be a downie to react on my post like that. :wall:
  6. Hello Guys! My opinion about all 200M skills is that you should atleast enjoy every single minute from it. :razz: If Drum loves to spend time with his love, I find it still efficient, as he enjoys it and still gains EXP. For example: Cutting ivy over teaks because you have more time for other stuff (forums, etc.. ) isn't something non-efficient imo. You might have more fun, and the expierence isnt TOOO different. Like Zarfot has mentioned before, the only "Exp waste" is standing to long by a bank or standing around gaining NO expierence at all. :-D It doesn't matters that you'll be the 1st or 2nd or 8th to all 200 skills tbh, Aslong as you stay focused on your skills, and you get it, you'll get the respect you've spend in it, or whatever you spend these years on runescape for. =D> Btw Langer, thanks for the updates, I like to read these whenever I have the time. :D
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