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  1. I like them :( otherwise I feel like there's weird shit going on with my collarbones and like I have linebacker shoulders. A friend of mine tried to get me into that show. We swapped back and forth between that and Attack on Titan. He was so enthusiastic about his show but it was just strange and weird, and he didn't seem to care for how great aot is. Last last Thursday (the 22nd) me and my mom were both in car accidents. I was rear ended at a light by a teenage boy. The back end was obliterated and the front of my car (It was a flat road, so I wasn't in gear or braking) smashed into the truck in front of me, cracking the engine block and making my blue FOCUS the middle of a truck sandwich. At least he apologised. Progressive says its a total loss :(, but gave me 7k. My mom hit a tree coming home, drunk, at 1am, and the police found her still sitting in her car. My brother had to pick her up from jail Friday morning, and she has an actual trial date for an actual crime, the same one that killed her husband/my dad, and she just doesn't see why it's a Big Deal. She's so frustrating. She told us it was the first time she's ever driven drunk, but that's hard to believe :/. Since then I've been riding the icky HRT buses to school. Someone give me a car pls
  2. Yeah I mean your family must be worried about that
  3. So many middle school memories... Edit: I'm back in school. Just finished part 1 of day 3. I'm in a May enrollment semester with two 3 hours classes every day, monday-friday. 9-Noon:15 I had con law and 1-4:15 is modern language. I don't remember higher education being so uninteresting :/. Tryna catch up with my peers and not be 23 when I graduate
  4. Testing and making meters? I don't know what that means but congrats on finding a job. Spiders are actually kind of cute but intimidating. Tarantulas and other big spiders are so fascinating. And here I thought 'queer as a three dollar bill' was the most absurd form of money. That's a really weird dream. I had prison dreams two nights in a row this week.
  5. I've been really busy. All this past month I had been waiting for my brothers fiancee to go into labour. I couldn't schedule anything important because I had to be ready to leave at a moments notice. She just got more and more pregnant as he refused to leave so they set an eviction date for the little bastard on the 14th and me and my sister went to go be with them. Then on the 15th my grandmother's brother died kind of unexpectedly (to me, anyways. I wasn't fully in the loop about his illness). the first .5 seconds of the gif made me think it was no big deal until her hand crept into the frame.. Nope. NOPE. Also, I wrote a shitty haiku today at work. I got a new job at a hipster coffee shop near ODU. Right in between college students who give $5 tips for coffee and the shitty rest of norfolk. lol. Its pretty ok. Its a place where I don't have to be pretty; that's why I quit at longboards. the pretty intern she licks outbound envelopes among other things.
  6. That's adorable. Strangely, my dog and cats never seemed to get along or play with each other like that. They were introduced to each other and neither really seemed to care about the other. Same breed as Ammo, by the looks of it. I got in trouble last night. I don't really know what's going to happen next. I called my mom about it but she just says to stop doing illegal things and 'stop being a (bad word that starts with 'w').' I guess I have to go to the DMV. We were getting turnt up for paddy's day and a bunch of birthdays that've happened these past few days. Welllll the police came on a noise violation. Everyone went upstairs to hide and my roommate opened the door. First mistake. Roommate had a beer in his hand, because hes an old fart, but the officers got ID from us and saw I was only 20. (I was pretty sober, just a bottle of wine over ~4 hours. I don't like to drink much.I was certainly functional.) He came in and started looking around what was in 'plain sight.' We both had huge anxiety over them finding something but the hot cop just said that they've gotten calls about our place before and that we need to stop. The lady cop came back and told me that my license had been suspended and that she had to take it. :(. I have no idea why it would be. I've only had a ticket more than a year ago, for pulling out in front of someone (oops), but I took a class and it's supposed to be gone. As they were about to leave this IDIOT walks around from the back porch to the front door. I don't think he knew wtf was happening, definitely on something, but the lady cop got him and orders everyone to stop hiding upstairs, but everyone is clean. Tl;dr My license has apparently been suspended, now its gone. Still not sure why. Police came, shook everything up. Another red peg pushed into my Battleship. And a whole lot more white ones surrounding it. :/ I feel immoral.
  7. Would you be able to deposit some of it through an atm so you wouldn't have to always deal with the tellers? I know when I deposit into an atm it holds anything over $200 but I'm pretty sure you can have that limit raised to your money wouldn't always be on hold if you do it through the atm. And wouldn't you want to hide it in your room or somewhere that's not the bathroom? I don't know but that seems kind of like a fairly used room that the guy you rent with would be in so it would be easier for him to stumble across it? Yeah. Back in May-ish when I was just starting out I tried to deposit 200 at an ATM. The ATM ate my money :'(. I was too scared to call the bank for help because I thought they might ask why I was depositing cash and they'd find out its from guys, and find out about booking hotel rooms with cash, and find out everything. I'm not sure how rational that was, but it's too late now lol. Even then, I feel really sketchy about making that sort of money 'documented'. I have a bedroom with a connected, private bathroom so that isn't a worry. Just a bunch of sealed mason jars inside the toilet tank. Lol. I don't know if this is out of place to say, but where do you get their meds? Or their food or any such expense? That's an awful surprise to find out about. I have a bunch of gift cards for grocery stores, retail and the like, although I'm not sure they'll work with your weird monopoly money and lack of freedom :p You're living such an on-the-edge lifestyle with worries about how secure your money is, and you can think of playing RS??? You're really awesome :PRS is like crack yo. I don't know, it just seems like fun. But I'm not sure about starting over. I wish we could have imported our actual 2007 stats and gear.
  8. Okay, but like, you're paying with drug money. That's just about the biggest reason for money to be sketchy, lol.haha the vast majority of it isn't from that, not that it's any less sketchy. I just feel awkward about depositing all that cash at the bank pretty often, like they'll recognise me and figure out what's up, but also kind of scary to have in my room. A fair few people come over and also guys; I'm worried about letting on about it all hiding in the bathroom. I have so many gift cards for safeway and target and the like stashed away. lol. That's the best way to get paid. However, the guy we rent with, and the guy before him, both are pretty chill. I think they have an idea, but don't know the details and don't mind. I've been thinking for a couple of weeks about paying for Rs07 until school starts and trying it out. I don't know if that's a good idea. :/
  9. hahah. I'm not sure. probably plenty for free. i don't like to make money off of my friends. Probably a gram because anything less than that isn't worth splitting. thats about what i paid for it anyways. My sister managed to get my job. Yay: She shouldn't need me to spot her as much money for rent and things. Won't have to pay for all of it in cash (it feels sketchy af). Boo: She's probably going to be using my car a lot :/
  10. I guess that makes sense. I think its good that they come out and can help you. I didn't mean what I said earlier to seem like the situation not needing police help. I guess it was more serious than I first thought. (an actual, serious medical incident instead of just lightheadedness and fatigue) Yeah I misinterpreted how serious it really was. I'm sorry. I can't stand that SoBe stuff. Too expensive and icky tasting. On the other hand, Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea is amazing. I found out about it at longboards and it goes well with everything. I want to learn how to make my own. As to quitting, it's awful. Aggressively friendly. I really dislike being there, whereas I can learn to enjoy most jobs and the like. More importantly (?), it doesn't pair well with my own schedule and as a result I don't make much. I think it's best to get out before its too late, and to not be rude to the two women that hired me (In other news I passed an interview by a woman(I didn't think it as likely)) by dragging it out. However, seriously: ff you walk in and have ID, you will be hired. My sister is going to do just that tomorrow (we have different last names so the hiring manager won't know we live together). So no harm done. I started doing things besides work for money again a little while ago, and I have a fair bit of savings from that. The actual reason I couldn't work there :p. It's 'cool' for restaurants, artsy businesses, stores,the like around here to have shitty websites, at least in my experience. I've never seen the website until today but its about what I expected. Even has the construction cone, too. I think introverted, internet type folk are decades ahead of everyone else on computer graphics and trends. I showed that website to my sister and she doesn't think it looks rather dated, she thinks it looks normal. @Mere, they actually probably should sell them. There's a [bleep]ton of longboard and surf decks on one of the walls. I'll take a picture if I remember.
  11. Walking around seemingly drunk in daylight is badass. I don't think I've ever been that deliriously dehydrated. Drink lots of water folks. I hope the job lead works out. I'm leaving my job in a few days. I don't know how much of a mistake that's going to be lol. If you walk in here, have a pulse, and don't smell bad, they will hire you: http://www.longboardslounge.com/ :p
  12. Were you in trouble? I hope you're ok :/. My guess: you had some sort of driving violation, as that seems to be why 99% of police cars do their thing. Unless you live by the ghetto-ass shipyards and its more likely because someone got stabbed. I hope you didn't get stabbed. Or stab anyone. My first time in a police car was when I was very little. One of my fathers friends was a police officer. He was watching me for the day because my family was busy and we drove around and gave tickets and ate curry. I was maybe 6. It made me want to be a cop, lol. Would they even help you for that? I would have thought the operator would say if you're not hurt to phone a taxi.
  13. I quit my job at longboards. blegh. Wednesday is my last night there. And the weather is fantastic here. Three cheers for seven o'clock sunsets
  14. I know what some of those words mean.. :unsure: Cute cats
  15. I made $300 last night. Spent it on getting this tattoo and some other fun stuff today. It's not actually distorted like that; I think its from my phone, or it being on a curved surface. excuse the lack of shaving.. i forget to.. can't be bothered.. it's March. I got the image from online, but i made it my own. With crayon. :>
  16. I like it :) it's fun. I don't think I mentioned this, but a few days ago, (my hospital tag says the 25th), I accidentally ate a pistachio and went into anaphylactic shock. My friends got me to the hospital and I ended up being ok. I knew that nuts sometimes irritated my throat, but I didn't know it was an allergy thing. I hadn't eaten any tree nuts in years until last week. And then last night, I was at a nice dinner in a nice restaurant in Bethesda with my mom and sister. I hadn't eaten anything all day until dinner. I felt a little weary and tried to get to a bathroom. I remember telling them I was lightheaded and grabbing my sister to bring into the bathroom. I woke up on the floor. I don't remember anything else. It was so embarrassing. The ambulance lady said that my blood pressure was very low. I'm concerned for having some sort of health issue :/.
  17. [/hide] I hate to go ranting about my life, since recent posts point out that Cow and Nekyia have it objectively worse Well with that attitude there's no reason to ever be happy either. Some people are better off than you. As to the rest, you need to figure that stuff out. Your father can't make you do everything, and you're not going to ever be finished satisfying him if that's all you try to accomplish things for. fun song that kinda has relevance: youtube.com/watch?v=_AHhBQM4QXA&feature=kp I couldn't find the video so the quote will have to do. excuse the misogyny but yeah: imdb.com/title/tt0137523/quotes?item=qt0479258 Honestly going on a break from school has been fantastic. One of the best decisions I've made and ironically one that I was scared of and didn't want. I can't wait to go back this autumn. I hope you find out what you're looking for. It's a big world. :> This is probably the single-best GIF anyone has ever made for a good reason. Right? I'm getting a tattoo sometime this week. Going to go talk to the artist person today and find out what's up. I'll post pics
  18. PM us your address, if you'd like. I want to send you some love. Or at least some chocolates and heartfelt comments. You've had a rough lot in life. :/ I had a similar experience cremating my dog, now three years ago. It is so difficult to go through with. Still having the collar helps, for me at least. I am so sorry about what's happened. Keep your head up for the next few. We love you :>
  19. damn I am so sorry. keep your chin up the next couple of days. Have you got family in the area you can go to?
  20. Newsflash everybody. Gwyn isn't a fan of giving blow jobs. But they're so much fun ;) Last night at work the card reader stopped working and we had to use this old stencilling thingy. I learned why credit cards have the raised numbers. It's mildy interesting
  21. thanks :> they are satisfying to finish and have something to be somewhat proud of.
  22. Elusive sleuth Silent in stolen shoes Seduced By the perfume of proof Enough abusing excuses Stop snoozing on truth Mimic the music Make me mute
  23. At my roommates going away party (he got a job in Colorado) on Saturday I was sitting on my bed. There were a lot more people there than I expected and they kind of flooded into my bedroom as well. One of Nathans (roommate) friends leaned onto me and pushed me onto my back and 'fell' on top of me. As he got back up he steadied himself by grabbing my stomach and thighs. Later on I texted Nathan asking him to make that friend leave and that friend said he was only trying to hug me but I leaned back. People suck.
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