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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Oh really, didn't know that. but i personally think that he's only been made a mod because of his well-known status =/. When i see him talking in Mod Marks CC i see him being starred out and swearing left, right and centre. Jagex even got him to put a comment on the back of the RS book for goodness sake lol.
  3. if he doesnt quit. everyone thought so highly of Zezima and then he quit That's because Funorb is so much better than Runescape though :D Star Cannon is kinda fun lol or w/e the spaceship game is. Plus Arcanists is kinda fun Zezima has un-quit now, i noticed just today he has 99 summoning now and 95 dungeoneering, he's also been made a player mod. He's often in mod marks cc.
  4. Hey, I'm new to tipit ofc. My Rs account name is God Skillls. I'm much more of a skiller than anything else. Tip-it has helped me a lot with a few things on RS in the past so i thought why not register and become a member of the site =).
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