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  1. That is pretty funny. You would go through the entire Druidz clan from a few years ago and make a list also. There are so many names I remember from some of those people I have talked to in the past thats pretty interesting.
  2. That is really an interesting way to deal with it. The only questions I would pose though is how often does someone get caught and have their account reset? It seems to me that out of all of the stakeholders involved in real world item trading dealing with either the market itself or the mediums of trade would be an easier solution than the buyers. Granted I suppose it works as a very nice deterrent against real world item trading. I suppose losing your account wasn't enough?
  3. Hey all I am Weltall 2. I am not new to runescape by any means and have been on the game on and off for the past 9 years roughly. I just recently started a job as a developer so I have some free time now.
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