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  1. I am looking for a Clan that is P2P, likes to PvP and occassional bossing. I'm 94+6 Combat; 71 Attack 87 Strength 52 Defense 93 Ranged 67 Prayer 95 Magic 90 Constitution 47 Summoning
  2. Need a clan now, hmm.

  3. Planks are going down, [bleep]!

  4. Almost 90 Fishing!

  5. Fishing is so boring...

  6. Just buy a UGC it gives you 90 days, but subtracts what you owe.
  7. Well I'll just try and get the best pray bonus I can from borrowing items/buying. Thanks for all the help and advice. I'll post back and tell you whether I get my FC or not. =D
  8. Alright, well where can I get a mitre? Better to buy from GE or is there a quest, etc..? I'm sticking to Rune C'bow, Karils is too cost efficient down the road, plus I already have 4k addy bolts in bank. And as in God Cope my regular Saradomin Cape will work, or do you mean the Cloak's from TT's? Also, Quy only 60 attack can't use a SGS. :S Hmm, I have a few ranged potions left, I'll take one just for safety precautions.
  9. Well if I can't do Seer's Hard Task, what do you advise I put in my last spot instead of EE, and I'll borrow Ranger Boots and Fury and Archer Ring from a friend. Should I borrow a Robin or something with Pray bonus? And thanks for advice on Inven, Quy! I'll try that, now I just need to figure out what Bolts exactly, how many and all armor 100%. Head: Robin/Mitre? (Which would be better?) Neck: Fury Cape: Ava's Accum? Arrow/Bolts: What to use? (I'm only 50 slayer so broad is out of question, I'm guessing. /:) Weapon: Rune C'bow Torso: Black D'hide Body Shield: Sara Book Gloves: I have first RFD gloves, I can do all but the one that requires Legends' so what gloves would that put me at? I can finish all mini quests but one. Ring: Archer (I) or Archer, I'll borrow from friend, if not what to get? Legs: Pros. Legs? Boots: Ranger? Then I'm going with 7:20 (Brews/Restores), so what sould my last slot be? Thanks in advance for al lthe help guys, you all rock! :D
  10. Would I have to complete the other Seers tasks to do the Hard? If not, I'll just finish up the hard ones. ^_^ Also, what're requirements for Broad Bolts? I'm only 50 Slayer, I think it requires 55 slayer? Crystal Bow recharge = 900k /: Neitzinot requires 55 Def, and I have not done Fremmy Isles yet, have requirements but haven't. But alright, I'll try and get my pray bonus up as high as possible. I also have none of the rings you advised me to use. :o Well, I'm not sure about Inventory as I've never done it. I am not sure on what would be best for my build. :S
  11. If I'm getting Defense levels I might as well just get 75... I have a DFS I can use, so I think I'll just tank it out after I max Str/Rng/Mage.
  12. I am going to try and get my Fire Cape soon and I would like opinions from other people who've got theirs or have tried and just can't come to complete it. Current Stats: 85 Combat Attack - 60 Strength - 81 Defense - 50 Ranged - 89 Prayer - 52 Magic - 82 Constitution - 82 I need advice on what to take with me and what to equip. I have a budget of around 1.5m to spend on this, for bolts and whatever else. I don't think I should have to spend this much but if need be I will. Thanks in Advance!
  13. Thank you, after I get 99 fletching, I'll be happy. =p
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